4 Fantastic Advantages of Wicker Playhouses

Sarah Lifestyle, Toys

Playhouses are one of the most common pieces of playground furniture, but you might not have seen playhouses made from wicker before. Even though it might sound like an odd idea at first, wicker really is an ideal material for children’s playhouses, and here are just four great reasons why.

  1. See-Through

Wicker playhouses provide enough of a barrier between inside and outside to engage the imagination, but you’ll still be able to get a relatively good idea of what’s going on inside since they are partially see-through. This is ideal for playhouses, especially in busier playgrounds, since it is easier to keep an eye on children inside them.

  1. Lightweight

Most playhouses are pretty darn heavy; even if they aren’t actually fixed to the ground, it can be tough to move them. If your playground is completely secure, that shouldn’t be an issue. However, people can come in and damage or misuse your playhouses if you aren’t there to look out for them. Since wicker playhouses are so light, you can pick them up and move them around at will. You’ll be able to secure them at night, and you’ll also be able to use them more flexibly.

  1. Low-Cost

Wicker is a relatively cheap material, and wicker playhouses require little in the way of construction skills since they are simply woven into a given shape. The upshot is that you shouldn’t expect to pay as much for a wicker playhouse as you would for a traditional solid-wood playhouse. You’ll be able to keep to your budget or splash out on other pieces of equipment.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Finally, wicker is a lot more environmentally-friendly than solid wood. Since thin strands can be used, smaller trees or plants can be used to create it, and these can be harvested a lot more sustainably. Additionally, wicker can be taken apart and then reused for further projects.