4 interesting Alternative Uses for Paper Bags

Sarah Lifestyle

Whilst you may just think of paper bags as a means to carry your new purchases during some retail therapy with a little creativity you can come up with some interesting alternative uses for these versatile products from ripening your fruit to wrapping your Christmas presents.

With paper-based products becoming increasingly popular finding alternative uses for them will help reduce the amount that need to be recycled. Here are 4 of the most interesting ways you can use any of the spare paper bags you have lying around.

Ripen Your Fruit Faster

Far from a mere old wives tale, this life hack is especially useful when you have bananas that are just a tad too green for your tastes. The science part is that fruits release a gas called ethylene over time and this dissipates when the fruit is left out. However, if left within paper bag the gas will become trapped circulating and causing the fruit to ripen faster.

Use As Alternative Recycling Bin

You’d be forgiven for thinking it somewhat counterintuitive to save up all your recyclables and put them in a black bin bag. Why not swap this out for a paper bag that is not only better for the environment but also in many cases a sturdier more aesthetically pleasing option. Additionally, if you are using it to recycle benefit you have the added benefit of being able to chuck the bag in as well!

Use as Gift Wrapping

Paper and cotton bag products often have a more high-quality luxurious feel than their plastic counterparts. This can make paper bags the perfect option to reuse in you packaging arsenal this Christmas. Additionally, if you are sending a package, shredding and folding old paper bags can be great for protecting breakable items.

If you have spare paper bags with an interesting design on them this can make them feel even better for the receiver. Additionally, the receiver may also be able to use the bag for another gift they are giving; promoting reusability and helping the environment.

Arts and Crafts

As paper is one of the main materials used in arts and crafts, leftover paper bags may offer the perfect opportunity to use up unwanted goods to create a work of art. You could even place your own design on the paper bag and give it as a gift yourself.

There’s plenty that you can make from paper bags too; wallets, book covers, wrapping paper, all are great ways to make the most of your old baggage. The versatility of this material means it can always be used for new crafting projects.

Alternative Uses in Your Home

If you are looking to make paper bags part of your business you can rest assured that your customers will find alternative uses of your bags after they’ve enjoyed the product purchased. When you are ready to take the smart step towards paper bags then head over to Paper Bag Co for a high-quality selection.