5 Best Educational YouTube Channels to Help Kids

Sarah Home

Educating children is the most important thing, and it is possible with the support of technology, because schools are closed due to COVID-19. Various channels are making their videos on educational topics and uploading them on YouTube. Parents can use these channels to make continuous of education-specific along with health protection measures.

In this matter, the following channels are supportive for the kids to get the best educational results with the collaboration of curricular and co-curricular activities.

  • Science Max

Science Max is a beneficial channel that is providing videos on science topics with a description of scientific concepts. Kids like this channel, as it is presenting small experiments about chemicals and other elements. Likewise, videos are fascinating, and kids like to watch and understand the lessons correctly. Small assessments are also offered, which help check the learning outcomes.

  • Peekaboo Kidz

Peekaboo Kidz is another proper educational channel that is available on the YouTube network. It is presenting small topics, which are useful for the study of children. It is presenting videos about pollution, planets, and gravity topics. The time duration of the videos of this channel is limited to 2 to 4 minutes. Kids are using these channels, and they are not missing their knowledge during the corona virus outbreak. 

  • Lotty Learns

Lotty learns is a useful educational channel, and it is available on YouTube networks. It is presenting lessons about language and its grammatical matters. Mostly, this channel is presenting the language learning with the support of games, which are helpful to get the attraction of kids. Meanwhile, children are satisfied to understand phonics, grammar, and other language matters easily. 

  • The Smithsonian Channel

The Smithsonian Channel is a useful channel for the kids as they can increase their abilities about general knowledge. The topics of this channel are relevant to everyday science and subjective realities. The content of this channel is also engaging, and it is supportive of getting the attraction of children. The time duration of the videos of this channel is also concise, and it is not dull for the learners. 

  • Homeschool pop

Homeschool pop is an excellent addition to the educational network on YouTube. This channel is prepared with consideration of the requirements of the school-going children. It is providing lessons for all classes, including primary, middle, and high. The time duration of the videos depends on the course and class. Sometimes, it is concise as for nursery classes, and sometimes it is up to one hour for high classes. 

Consequently, YouTube channels are supportive of the education of children, and this specification is increased during the COVID-19 outbreak. People are worried about their health matters as well as they are unable to continue the education of their children. In this matter, parents should take care of their kids according to the recommendations of health departments. Likewise, they can also use YouTube channels for  the best knowledge, online assignment help and education of their kids.