5 Crafty Ideas for the Best Ever Wedding Invitations

Sarah Lifestyle

Christmas is over, which potentially means one thing as a mom: Wedding season is around the corner…

Whether it’s your wedding, you daughter’s, or the wedding of somebody you love, they can get expensive. Way, way too expensive.

When you’re already shelling out for dresses and parties, the last thing you want to do is buy expensive invites on top of it. So why not get crafty and DIY-up some yourself?

Making your own invitations or offering to do custom ones for friends can even be an activity you do with your kids. Also, most importantly, making things is just plain fun.

DIY wedding invitations are inexpensive and unarguably so much more special. You can play around with pictures, drawings, materials, and calligraphy. The world is your crafty oyster!

Furthermore, you could maybe even make a business out of it yourself. Whatever the reason you’re looking, here are some crafty wedding invitation ideas to ponder.

You know, while you hit up your local crafts store.

1) Personal Photographs

Many think the art of photography has been lost with the digital medium. That’s just not true. It’s simply made photos more accessible to everyone.

You can now get your pictures printed onto cushions, mugs, and cards. Why not photo wedding invitations to boot?

As well as being easy to make, it’s also something the happy couple can treasure forever.

2) Personalized Stamps

Old-timey kings and queens of England might have had royal seals, but you can have your own stamp. Personalized stamps are a sweet way to convey just about anything.

A lot of couples go with using their initials, but you could also look into designing a symbol together. Or including the date of the wedding.

As well as using the stamp on invites, you can go on to do the same for birthdays and Christmases. Why use anything just once?

3) Wax Poetic

Sure, medieval royalty used them, but if it’s your bag, you can too.

Not only is this alternative to stamping unique, it’s also weirdly therapeutic. When you have a stamp and wax, party or wedding planning stress will be a thing of the past.

Just make sure to practice it a few times before you go all out on the invites – you want them perfect, right?

4) Essential Oils

Everything in life feels better when it smells better. If you haven’t thought of adding fragrances to any of your letters or invitations, it’s never too late to try.

With scented wedding invites, you’ll evoke a sense of wonder and the flavor of romance. Chances are, your relatives a hundred years ago were doing the same.

The best part about using scented stationery is also that your wedding invitations can smell however you want them to. Floral scents like roses might be fitting, but so might jasmine or gardenia.

5) Glitter

Now for something completely different. If you like spritz and glitz, why not go wild with some glue and glitter?

How long has it been since you’ve been able to do that? Also, how fun would it be to do it again? Not all wedding invitations have to be flashy, either, so you could get your kids involved with this.

Glitter will make all of your wedding invitations unique without spending too much money or time. Remember, moms: When in doubt, put glitter on it!