5 Ways To Make Room For New Kids In the Family

Sarah Lifestyle

If you already have a full house as a parent, and then you find out you’re expecting another child, what smart steps can you take in order to make room? There’s no need to freak out, and there’s no need to buy a new, bigger home – it just takes a few intelligent decisions and some planning and you’ll be good to go.

Five actions you can take specifically in this situations include moving some of your old stuff out into a storage space, heading out on a Salvation Army donation run, giving outgrown kids’ clothes to other parents you know, downsizing your extra personal stuff, and possibly repurposing rooms in your current house as necessary.

Move Old Stuff Out To Storage

If you have anything in your home that big, bulky, or your haven’t used in the last six months, then it might be time to take it to a storage space. This can either be something that makes financial sense, because you plan on using those things later, or it can just be a temporary fix while you’re figuring out other parenting space issues in the meantime, but it’s always a viable option.

Go On a Salvation Army Donation Run

Donating to the Salvation Army is always a good thing if you need to free up some space as well. Chances are very likely that you can look through your stuff, your spouse’s stuff, and your kids’ stuff, and you’ll find all sort of cluttery things that would be more suited to not taking up space when the new child comes around.

Give Clothes To Other Parents In Need

If you have a child that’s grown out of clothes recently, another way to downsize is to find a parent in the area that has a kid about that size. You don’t even have to sell their stuff, but just use it as a gesture of goodwill to help out other parents in your community. More space for you, and you get some good karma as well!

Downsize Your Extra Stuff

If you’re already in a tight squeeze, and you’ve taken stuff to storage, given things away, and donated things, and you still need more room, then it’s time to take the next steps to minimize. That means figuring out the difference between what you need and what you want, and handling those extras accordingly.

Repurpose Rooms In Your Home

And finally, to get the extra space for the new human addition on the way, you can always repurpose certain rooms in your home. You can turn a den into a bedroom. You can finish a basement. You can combine separate kids’ rooms into one with bunk beds and room dividers. It’s all about being creating at that point!