6 Tips for Making DIY Calendars

Sarah Lifestyle

Making a calendar on your own is fun! Whether you intend to give it as a gift or you will use it as décor at your own home, there are endless ideas on how to do it. From the materials to the design, there are several ways to make your project unique. Read this article and learn from the tips we’ll share.

  1. Look for Inspiration

Especially if you are not a big fan of DIY projects, you are probably clueless about what to do. If you are looking for design inspirations, check out Shutterfly’s calendar maker.  They have an easel, desk, poster, and tabletop calendars, among other designs. You can learn a lot by just looking at the products on their website.

Visit Shutterfly.com today and take the first step towards creating a DIY calendar.

  1. Do It Online

If you want to make your calendar but you are not confident about your creative skills, you can go online to find a website that allows users to create their custom calendar. There are many websites with available templates. All that you need to do is to make a few tweaks, such as add the photos that you want, pick the desired font, and change the color. Once you are done, you can print the calendar.

  1. Mind the Layout

To make a beautiful DIY calendar, you need to consider the layout. From the images to the texts, position everything carefully. One of the most important is to avoid clutter. Avoid crowding each page with too many images or large chunks of texts. Otherwise, it will end up being an eyesore. If possible, add only one image per month or page of the calendar.

  1. Pick Your Material

Sky’s the limit when it comes to the materials you can use for your DIY calendar Go beyond the traditional materials like paper or photo paper. You can spice up the wall with a calendar using washi tape. A chalkboard is also an easy way to get creative with your calendar without spending a lot or exerting a lot of effort.

  1. Make it Motivational

One of the good things about a DIY calendar is that it is a functional piece. It isn’t one of those useless decors. It serves an actual purpose as it allows you to keep track of the date. Aside from aesthetics, your calendar should also be motivational. Consider adding inspirational quotes so that you will have a positive outlook every time your see the calendar.

  1. Add a Stand

This is one of the instant ways to elevate the look of your DIY calendar. You can print your calendar design in a special hard paper. It won’t stand up on its own, so find a creative stand that will also make a decorative piece on the table, such as a block of wood or bamboo.

You don’t need to be an artist to make your calendar! Take note of our suggestions above to do it like a pro. With a little creativity and patience, a DIY calendar is an art project you can easily pull off.