7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Sarah Home

The living room is the focal point of the house. It’s where you watch TV, chat, put your feet up, read, and hang out with your family on a Saturday evening. With so much going on in there, it’s important to put effort into making it look and feel as homely as possible. To make that happen, here are seven ways to spruce up your living room. 

1: Get an Antique Fireplace 

Any lounge is elevated by the presence of a fireplace – especially an antique one. They add a touch of charm to any space, providing warmth and old-fashioned décor to a room. Go to stonewoods.co.uk for a fireplace you don’t even need to attach to a chimney. With the simple installation, you can be warming yourself by the fire in no time. 

2: Add a Reading Nook 

The living area is all about relaxing and hanging out, and that includes reading. Unless you are lucky enough to own a library, why not build a reading nook? It needn’t be large, but it should include somewhere comfortable to sit, a shelf of books, and a direct light so that you can read. 

3: Throw Down a Huge Rug 

A simple but effective way of bringing a whole room together is by throwing down a huge rug. Make sure the pattern and color mix well with the rest of the décor. For example, if you have a green and blue color pattern, choose a cool-colored rug. 

4: Upgrade Your TV 

Most households use their lounge as a place to watch TV. You might spend hours binging Netflix in the evening, or you might enjoy a Saturday night film with your partner. To improve the living room and your watching experience, upgrade your TV. Be warned, though, that a too-large TV could make your lounge feel small and overcrowded. 

5: Add Lots of Plants 

Indoor plants are perfect for bringing a touch of nature into the home. They improve the air quality and look great, so there’s little reason not to add them. Plants like Orchids, Snake Plants, and Anthuriums work brilliantly in any living space. 

6: Use Lots of Cushions and Blankets 

Give your living room a bit more cosiness by throwing more cushions and blankets on the furniture. It’s so much nicer to snuggle up on a sofa that has enough cushions and blankets to go around, especially in the winter. Plus, if you choose the best patterns and colors, they are a great addition to the décor. 

7: Choose Layered Lighting 

The lounge shouldn’t have glaring lights. Instead, mix it up by using layered lighting, including wall lights, floor lamps, table lamps, fairy lights, and candles. Your goal is to create a relaxing space that is well lit without it being too harsh. Look for awesome light fixtures to really spruce the place up. 

Once you’ve spruced up your living room, you will find each evening becomes more relaxing and comfortable.