Adding More Rooms To Your Space

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A growing family requires more space. Often, the only two ways to add more space to your existing home is to add an extra room. This involves a heavy amount of construction and has a tendency to get very expensive. The other option is to build up or build down. In other words, redo the basement or redo the attic. These options are much less expensive than building an additional room. The first step is to either select the basement or the attic option. Next, get to work cleaning out the clutter of old boxes, furniture, or papers that have been taking up space for years.

Getting Started

Spaces in the attic tend to attract a lot of clutter and little annoying pests. Therefore, it’s important to get some good pest control Fort Worth, or your location, to handle those annoying critters. Always leave the cleanup to the professionals that work with environmentally-friendly products. This is something that you should especially consider if there are small children in the home. Keep your new space looking clean and clutter-free for the kids, along with environmentally-friendly. Make plans to get rid of the clutter and any pests, then move forward.

Add An Extra Room To The Attic

You’ve decided to add an extra room to the attic and have taken steps to get rid of the clutter and to get rid of any little pests hiding in hidden areas. Now is also the time to give the area a complete check. Check for anything that looks like it could be a health hazard to the new occupant. It is also vital to give the attic a complete cleaning before getting to work to turn it into an extra bedroom or living space. Dust around the entire attic. Take out your HEPA vacuum and go around the room a few times. HEPA vacuum cleaners are the best for removing all those tiny dust particles. Always wear a dust mask while performing this task. This is for the health of your kids and other family members. Remember, some people have serious dust allergies.

Roof Inspection

It is also a good idea to take a look at your roof before transforming your attic space into a new living space. Walk around your home and take a look at the roof. Do you notice any missing shingles? If so, call in professionals to take a closer look at the roof and check for missing shingles, holes, or other problems. Seal all leaks and don’t forget to check and repair or replace any missing insulation in the attic.

Adding An Extra Bedroom To Attic

Adding an extra bedroom to the attic is a much more affordable way to add space to an existing house. However, there are a few other things to consider after the clean-out, and pest removal. For example, is the law on your side. Some local building codes might not allow the homeowner to add a living space to areas like the attic or basement. These laws or building codes are in place to protect the homeowner and the structure of the building. Therefore, it is important to contact a home building contractor for more advice on adding an extra room to your space, if building codes are an issue in your community.

Adding Value To The Home

An extra room in the attic is a great way to add more value to your home. If you decide to sell your home in the future, it will definitely become a great return on your initial investment. In addition, that extra room is the perfect place to design a family room, a room for teens to hang out with friends, a man-cave, a woman-cave, or even a home office. Adding a room in an attic is a quicker way to add extra space to a home than building an addition on to the existing home, which might take weeks or even months. Most homeowners agree that adding an extra room to the attic was one of the wisest decisions that they made and were very satisfied with the results.