Best Places to Take the Kids on a Staycation

Sarah Travel

I think we can all agree it’s been a very long summer. When the 6 weeks holidays turned into the 6 month holidays and the kitchen table turned into a classroom that would really only work in a comedy sketch featuring you except its 5 days a week and its real life and you’re wondering if you can put children on facebook marketplace with the caption ‘free to good home’. And while there’s been the little perks – thank you PE with Joe, now my sciatica is that of a life-long dry stone waller and the indian down the road for doing discounted takeaways 4 nights a week contributing to my pb in weight gain, keeping our heads together really hasn’t ever been a more difficult task. So if you think you and the kids might need a holiday, (or maybe just you), we’ve come up with some top UK spots to explore without getting their, throwing your town down on the sun lounger and being alerted by the BBC News app you will have to quarantine 14 days on coming home. Now that’s one thing you won’t get in Dorset! (probably the sun lounger too!)


If you haven’t visited this seaside time with all its cook and quirkiness, well you’re missing out. Along with a beautiful promenade jutting out into the English channel decorated with carousels and candy floss stalls, if it doesn’t make for a great photo op, well the kids will absolutely love it. Lined with a rainbow of beach huts and seaside scapes for as far as the eye can see, Brighton is brimming with exciting little discoveries and days out to be had. And while the ice cream keeps the kids buzzing, some of the best fish and chips in the UK is sure to banish those 2020 blues here beachy Brighton.


If you have some dino fanatics in the family that would be the first to volunteer to see some real life fossils, well, then the Canterbury coastline is the place to be. These shores are absolutely littered in fossils and even prehistoric shark teeth so don’t be surprised if the car is a little heavier on the way home! And should you tire of triassic artifacts, there is the historical maritime village and its new community of young people that have joined the town through shared ownership Kent, supplying the tastiest of seafood snacks and cutest little corner shops to ensure you have a few reminders of your trip to take home.


Now if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, ambling about botanical gardens, stately homes and taking in the fresh air of the English countryside, add Maidstone to your travels. With the stunning Kent Downs swaddling this rural area, Maidstone is a place where walks in nature are plentiful and hearty meals in country pubs are abundant. For a little adult trip out take yourself down to the Biddenden Vineyards for a day of joyous wine tasting and perhaps a little tipsy tour. Or for an excursion with the kids, there is a vast collection of historic castles to spook and inspire any curious cat.

So if it’s time for a holiday and you’re quite at your wits end with all the drama 2020 has dealt us, don’t despair. Find your calm in one of England’s holiday makers beauty spots and return your wits to their rightful place.