Best Wood Types for Domestic Furniture

Sarah Home

Acacia Wood does not just offer a nice colouration that goes from lighter to darker with its finishes, but is extra sturdy as well. Walnut Wood is perfect for making intricate, decorative pieces of furniture due to its ability to retain its form over the years without warping, discoloring, or succumbing to other common problems of hardwood furniture. These natural characteristics of the wood are becoming increasingly sought-after, as red maple lends aorganic look to the furniture.

Because of the maples high stability and attractive grain, it is sometimes considered to be the best wood to use in furniture. Maple Wood Dense and durable, compared with the most expensive hardwoods, maples plentiful supply makes it a cheap alternative to oak and alder.

Some of the most popular furniture hardwoods are maple, walnut, cherry, and oak, though there are plenty of exotic options out there if you are looking to make a statement. Many types of wood are hardy and perfect for making furniture, like Walnut, Cherry, and Hickory. Few from an enormous selection of woods provide the toughness and beauty that is appropriate for cabinetry and fine furnishings, and only a relatively small number are generally used for furniture. In general, though, if you are starting out woodworking and you anticipate being wrong, you are generally best off choosing some of the less costly woods, such as soft maple, poplar, pine, and fir.

Some examples of popular hardwoods used for furniture include black cherry, black walnut, maple and oak. Hardwood species are available in many shades and colors, ranging from extremely pale (white oak, ash, maple) to deep, nearly black (American walnut, also known as black walnut). Oak trees, whether red or white varieties, are common trees found throughout the U.S., producing the two most popular varieties of hardwoods. The black walnut tree grows up to 120 feet high and produces an exquisitely rich, chocolaty wood sought by woodworking enthusiasts.

Poplar trees are found throughout the Eastern U.S., where they produce the Poplar Wood Itself. Poplar wood comes from various species of poplar trees, some of which can attain a height up to 160 feet. Grown as both a deciduous or evergreen tree across the United States, Canada, and Europe, oak wood may show off one of a number of different shades of red or white, and is generally used in solid, high-quality furniture. Oak Wood is strong and durable, because oak trees take time to slowly grow in order to produce a material with a higher density.

Amazingly, rubberwood species of trees are quick growing, but they are also high in density, providing hardwood material that is great for making furniture. Redwood has a coarse texture, is resistant to rot, and is highly insect-resistant, making it an ideal choice for outdoor projects.

Common Alder is a member of the Birch family, but alders fine, uniform grain makes it resemble Cherry. Alder Wood Alder is a less costly alternative to oak, and is the second most widely used wood to create furniture.

Unless spruce is treated specifically, the wood is not particularly resistant to the elements and will easily expand, making it better for interior projects rather than exterior ones. Birchwood has a nice appearance; its thin grain and light colour lends an elegant appearance to clean-lined furniture designs. Western Red Cedar is relatively soft (1 on the 1 – 4 scale), has straighter grain, and has slightly fragrant scent.

In fact, up to 90% of all hardwood lumber is used for furniture, cabinets, flooring, and architectural detailing. Whether you are making a coffee table, dining table, dresser, closet, table, chair, bed frame, desk, top, or anything in between, knowing what is the best kind of wood to use for your furniture is a must-know skill for any budding DIY furniture maker.