Finding feminine energy inside is necessary for a happy life, states Shakuntali Siberia

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Modern life sometimes dictates to us very severe rules. On the one hand, women got much freedom and power, on the other hand, no matter how successful a woman is, it is really quite rare that she feels harmony and happiness. That is why yoga and spa centers are so popular now – women try to find inspiration and power. But it is likely that they search the wrong place.

Like the flowers

Many cultures, especially in the East, saw a woman like a mountain precious flower to be admired and revered. And this power and beauty live in every woman on this Earth.

For every flower, it is very important what quality of the soil it has. If the soil is nourished, the roots are healthy, the woman feels happy and looks gorgeous. To prosper and feel a tremendous flow of energy inside, Shakuntali Siberia recommends all her students to do the special practices.
Shakuntali Siberia is an Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, she is a temple priestess. Her Spiritual Master is Sri Aurobindo.

Shakuntaki Siberia possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. The mission of Shakuntali Siberia is to help all the women around the world to awaken their inner feminine Power and become more happy and healthy. Shakuntali Siberia reveals to her students that special ancient practices would help them to stay beautiful, healthy, full of life and joy throughout their lives.

Turning into cactus is easy

Any plant needs caring and feeding. Woman’s energy has its roots deep down in our sexual energy that needs to be fed as well. In the situation of poor nutrition, the female energy dries up completely and the woman literally becomes like cactus. She is very hard to talk to; she feels constantly irritated and nothing can bring harmony into her heart. She also loses part of her physical attractiveness. This may happen for different reasons, but mainly it has its roots in childhood. Unfortunately far from all parents understand the importance of sexual education of their daughters and feel that every girl needs praising and adoration.

During her seminars, Shakuntali Siberia sees lots of such examples when very successful and independent women are completely unhappy in their private life. They often have no friends, partners and hobbies. This is the real tragedy of the separate specific life that leads to a miserable end unless they meet Shakuntali Siberia.

Steel-made or altruistic?

Ann came for a personal session with Shakuntali Siberia to wake up her inner energy. She occupied a high-level post in a large corporation, and she was really beautiful as well. Meanwhile, she was overweight and had tried to lose weight for years. Due to the weight, Ann suffered from several medical problems and the doctors even planned to remove her womb.
As Shakuntali Siberia found out, Ann’s problem was in the lack of the proper nutrition of her roots. She had no personal life; she just concentrated on her career. The last time when she was happy was long ago in college. The result was that the roots of her woman being languished and dried. Ann’s body expressed that in the diseases.

Shakuntali Siberia held a lot of work with Ann. It included individual sessions, group seminars, special rituals and choosing of individual amulets. From then on, Ann is a happy woman, who is successful at work and likes coming home to her partner who worships her. She awakened her female energy, and her diseases went away.

The end of this story is happy because Ann was strong enough to admit that something goes wrong in her life and she was not afraid to turn to Shakutali Siberia in time to be healed. But if you look at the statistics of the women’s morbidity you can imagine how many women suffer silently. That is why Shakuntali Siberia does her best to pass her ancient knowledge of the feminine inner Power to as many women as possible. It has already changed the lives of thousands of women!

We have talked now about the strong, successful woman who actually became too strong and successful to begin repelling her potential partners. In contrast, Shakuntali Siberia often meets another situation. When a woman is too soft and caring to completely dissolve in her children and husband is also not a good scenario for a woman and goes against her nature.

At some point in her life, such a woman realizes that she didn’t live her life in full. If you do not want great regrets to come, apply to Shakuntali Siberia to harmonize your life now!

Benefit from hard times with your partner

When the relationships are over, there is usually a mess of feelings and thoughts in our souls. The reasons for the breakup can be different, but a woman often tends to blame herself. As a result, her self-confidence and self-esteem fall. Shakuntali Siberia offers her students to look at the breakup from another point of view. It is a good opportunity to improve your personality and your whole life.

The thing is that the partner leaves for something that he lacked in the previous relationships. Any partner needs 3 main things: your sexuality, moral support and your inspiration. This is actually a key to successful relationships. When a partner leaves it is a good chance to find out what of these 3 he was deprived of. By regaining this ability, you will improve your own life.
Here is the great practice for you from Shakuntali Siberia to awaken your female energy.

You can do it and feel the changes right now. Sit down in a calm relaxing area and turn a pleasant melody on if you like. Close your eyes and recall your past relationships: what it began with, what happened then?.. If you do not have such memories, you can recall your childhood. Think about the happiest moment that you experienced, imagine it in the details, with the emotions you felt. This will return you to a state of harmony and serenity and unleash a great amount of your female energy. Do this practice every day, and you will be surprised how many positive changes will come into your life. The energy that you will awaken will nourish the roots of your inner flower, and you will attain all the happiness you were supposed to by birth. You will attract the right people, right situations, you will look beautiful, strong and calm.

Get back together

If you like to get back to the partner, it is really possible. Shakuntali Siberia reveals that there is the easiest way to do so if the breakup was caused by the lack of support. Maybe it happened because you took on too much work and just did not have the time for your partner? In the end, in that situation, you definitely didn’t have time for yourself as well. And the best solution would be to restore your sexual energy first for you feel the necessity to take care of yourself. And then you will feel you have the inner power to give away to somebody else. If you do the practices on the regular basis, your ex-partner will feel the changes very rapidly even at distance. It works even if the years passed by since your breakup – your partner will definitely call you asking if he may see you.

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