Flooring Options for your Children’s Play Room

Sarah Home

When designing your children’s play room there are a few important decisions you need to make and one of those decisions is what flooring you should install in the room. This is always an interesting question as I don’t actually think there is a correct answer. However, there are a few options available and each option has positives and negatives. Therefore, instead of trying to persuade you into purchasing a certain type of floor, I thought I would evaluate each flooring option to help you make your own decision.

Option 1 – Wood Flooring

Now I know as soon as you hear the term wood flooring you instantly imagine your child falling over on an extremely tough surface and injuring themselves. Which is a major possibility, however there are ways to reduce the risk. Wood flooring works great with soft accessories such as play matts or rugs as your child can have their safe area of play and this should stop toys going everywhere. The main benefits of wood flooring are that it looks amazing and it is incredibly stain resistant. Therefore, if there are any spillages, as long as they are cleared up relatively quickly then your floor will not be damaged at all. There are plenty of flooring shades available, although a current flooring trend is grey wood floors as the light shade offers a modern variety of the traditional oak tone.

Option 2 – Laminate Flooring

Wood flooring can be relatively expensive and therefore the cheaper alternative is laminate flooring, where you can save yourself hundreds. Laminate doesn’t feel or look exactly like wood flooring, however due to the planks being topped with a photographic layer, there are many varieties of laminate available. The photographic layer can replicate any material such as wood, porcelain, marble and many more. Once again, all stains will sit on top of the floor until cleared away, so you do not need to worry about your children making a mess.

Option 3 – Carpet

Carpet is the most obvious option due to its spongy texture that will ensure children bounce if they are prone to falling over. However, the biggest risk with carpet that can really destroy your whole floor is stains. As previously mentioned, any spillages will sit on top of wood or laminate, whereas liquid will immediately seep into carpet. If you believe that you will be able to keep your carpet clean, then go for it. There isn’t as many options with carpet and you will probably end up replacing the carpet once your children grow up. This is where wood flooring gains an advantage due to the fact that if stains do occur you can simply sand and refinish the floor to reveal a brand new floor.

It is extremely important to consider long term planning as you do not want to make a large investment that will be wasted in a couple of years’ time. As we all known having a child can be extremely expensive and it is certainly not a time to splash the cash without planning ahead.