Gotta Be quick

Sarah Lifestyle

When somebody asked me to write some stuff about apps, I was over the moon. You know I’m a crazy gadget person and one of the greatest devices that has ever been invented are the thousands of apps that surround us in life. With three kids of my own and also looking after a few others after hours, I would describe myself as being almost app-reliant! For young mothers, and stay at home moms you could never get bored because you have apps that you can use and play with all day. They are handy when it comes to entertaining your kids, and even helpful when you’re preparing meals.

I thought about getting myself along to some UK developers and putting forward a few of my own app ideas. Doing what I’m doing with all these children and being a housewife, I certainly have lots of ideas floating around in my head. I was thinking wouldn’t it be good to have an app that was a bit of a wish list of gift ideas, then one day I came across an app called Gift Club which is a fully customizable gift registry that you can carry around in your pocket. It means that you don’t have to drop hints about what you might want as a gift, people can just take a peep into the app and make a selection!

I have a friend who also has three children, and she in conjunction with her oldest boy developed their own app. Amazing! They even gave it a name and called it Happy Kids Rewards. She said it had brought a little bit of sanity to her house as the kids loved spinning the wheels on the game to get a mystery reward. The point of that story is, if a child of 10 years can help develop an app, how hard can it be?

Her story got me a little bit motivated, so I checked online by going here and came up with an app developer that I thought could help me put some of my ideas into a creative app that would benefit everybody. How some of the apps that are available got popular is also beyond me. There is a really simple game called Pearly, and it just allows kids to play with a whole bunch of pearls with the greatest benefit being that you don’t have to pick any up off the floor when they are finished.

One of the problems that I find is when something happens during the day, and I think there should be an app for it, I quickly check out online and find that lo and behold! it’s already been thought of and has found its place in the market. I’m not sure whether it’s a matter of being quick enough or whether it’s coming up with something that is totally unique that may see me finally succeed in the app market.