How to Spend a Weekend in Riga: Walks, Junket, Shopping and Much More

Sarah Travel

In Europe there are many wonderful places where you can get in just 2-3 hours to spend an interesting weekend. One of such places is Riga! The city combines the charm of antiquity and modern life. Here, a tourist can choose an incredible amount of entertainment: walking, excursions, canal riding, relaxing on the seashore, shopping. There are many types of outdoor activities in the city. And guests who like to play, book junket tours to Riga. Connoisseurs choose VIP venues, especially at SL Casino, run by Michael Boettcher’s Storm International.

It is very pleasant to walk around Riga and at any time of the year. To study the intricate architecture of Art Nouveau, to photograph the turrets and black cats, to roam the street on which they shot “17 Moments of Spring” and the Soviet “Sherlock Holmes”.

The best city’s view opens from the bell tower of St. Peter’s Cathedral. Do not regret 9 euros and do not be afraid of an almost two-minute elevator ride: what you see is worth it.

In the evening, you can go to an organ music concert in the Dome Cathedral. The local authority is considered one of the best in the world. The old city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, so every brick here is a kind of attraction.

Find a monument to the Bremen Town Musicians, take a picture of a cow on the facade of the 1221 restaurant, get lost in a web of cobbled streets and go to the next level. That is, go to a restaurant.

There are so many restaurants in Riga! Here are small cozy coffee houses, and huge beer halls, and restaurants with conceptual cuisine. If you want to get to know this cuisine better, visit the 3 pavari restaurant. Here you can first cook food under the experienced chef supervision, and only then eat it in a cozy atmosphere. You can, however, just eat – so what is closer to you.

Beer lovers cannot ignore the establishment called Valmiermuiza. Craft beer is brewed here, and here it is sold. The chef – Dzintar Kristovskis – can spend hours talking about how he ferments cones and makes vinegar from wild roses. The menu fully reflects the Dzintars rich imagination. It’s nice that the restaurant thought about everyone: meat eaters, vegans, and even people who don’t eat gluten. Everyone will tell and advise exactly what you like, accompanied by exactly the beer that will win you over. By the way, try smoked: it is very original, but it is so typical for Latvia, where everyone simply loves to smoke.

In addition to the fact that there are many interesting restaurants in Riga (and there are more and more of them), various activities, such as food festivals, are constantly taking place here.

In the restaurant with the funny name Vecmeita ar kaķi, you can taste the magnificent black pudding. And here is a great beer, delicious desserts and, as a rule, few people.

As we mentioned, in Riga, such holiday destination as junket is very popular. Foreign guests specially come to the Latviaт capital to have a luxurious rest at the casino base. There are several really upscale establishments that offer not only a game for the chips cost, but also excursions, participation in parties, and the opportunity to hit the jackpot. All free time in this tour can be spent on exploring the beauties and authentic places of Riga. And with the extended deposit amount, Storm International, Darren Keane, the managing director said, you can also get a free flight in both directions.

For whatever you go to Riga, be sure to buy some souvenirs, as well as treats. The central Riga’s market is the largest in Europe, by the way. It has everything: from raw meat and fresh fish to homemade cheese and cream, which they only prepared in the morning. The atmosphere and friendly sellers are conducive to shopping. Cheese can be bought a year in advance, if only there was enough space in the suitcase. You can buy some magic herbal tea as a gift: you will be advised which one to take.

You can also bring from Riga the famous Riga balm, hand-made woolen products, amber, and even swing a dress from a local manufacturer. Go shopping if you have time. And by the way, the good news: unlike most European capitals, almost everything works in Riga on Sunday. So enjoy it!