Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Your Mom Will Love

Sarah Lifestyle

Mothers do so much for their loved ones that it’s no surprise that their children and partners honor them multiple times throughout the year and not only on Mother’s Day. For moms that love to cook, a kitchen renovation is a great gift since they face a lot of obstacles in the kitchen related to storage:

– Almost endless searching for ingredients and tools packed into drawers and cabinets.
– Tools stored far from where they need them at prep and cooking areas.
– Appliances gathering dust and taking up limited countertop space.

Whether you’re planning on giving your mother new contemporary kitchen cabinets as a surprise birthday or special out-of-the-blue gift, the below three contemporary twists on traditional kitchen storage ideas will help her stay organized and finish tasks faster so that she has more time to relax:

Movable Shelves

Spice up her day with movable shelves, such as rotating, tiered “Lazy Susan” style shelves or slim, vertical pullout rack shelves. A small tiered rotating unit with two or more shelves is perfect for displaying and accessing spices. Install it in a top or countertop corner cabinet. A vertical shelving rack that pulls out from upper box cabinets allows spice organization and storage on two or more shelves at eye level. Bottles on narrow shelves with labels always pointing outward mean that both of these options make it so that mom never again has to waste time pushing around and sifting through various bottles and tins looking for a specific type of spice.

Pegboard Racks

Vertical pullout racks aren’t only great for spice storage. They can make a huge difference in a kitchen when storing and organizing a wide range of other kitchen items. The best part is that they make can make this difference without any shelves at all: A vertical pullout rack in an upper or lower cabinet designed with a pegboard and pegs or hooks provides excellent access to hanging-style kitchen tools, including large hanging utensils, thin portable cutting boards, pot lids, pans and oven mitts.

Hidden Boxes

Hidden storage areas can be installed almost anywhere in a kitchen, including behind lower cabinet false drawer fronts and underneath lift-style countertops. Your mother should never have to waste time each week wiping dust off countertop appliances or carrying appliances to new areas when she needs to chop vegetables, prepare dough or fill serving dishes. Also, consider installing one or two countertop-level appliance cubbies with sliding doors in unused counter corners away from common work zones.

Moms are often under incredible stress. A professional cabinetmaker can help you reduce that stress with any of these highly customizable, easy-to-install storage ideas.