Parenting Styles

Sarah Featured, Lifestyle

A child’s parenting styles are his or her way of understanding things and his or her way of reacting to them. The quality of parent-child relationship is more important than the amount of time you spend with your child.

You will find that there are different parenting styles in different cultures. There are European styles, Indian styles, African styles and American styles. And each one has their own particular characteristic. It’s not that one parenting style works better in some countries as compared to in others. It’s that certain parenting styles appeal to certain cultures and they become more prevalent in certain places than others.

Some cultures place a greater emphasis on certain parenting styles. In India for instance, their most important parenting styles would be conservative and disciplined. Similarly, parents in Japan will go for conservative and disciplined parenting because that is the way they were raised.

Parenting styles are usually a matter of personal choice. The best way for you to understand which styles are best for you is to ask your child first what type of parenting style he or she prefers.

Then you can work out how you can make things easier for your child’s interests and personality. You will find that it is all about setting limits and enforcing them consistently. Be firm but flexible. Don’t expect the child to do something the way you want. But if you want your child to learn new things you need to be consistent and teach the child how you want things done.

This will help him or her understand why you expect good behavior and why you make demands. Also, it makes him or her less likely to break rules and get into trouble.

Children learn best by example and if you are teaching your child positive reinforcement this is most effective. If your child behaves in a certain way then praise and reward him or her. Praise him or her for helping you and for playing nicely with other children. Praise your child for behaving well with you at home and with other people in general.

When your child does something that doesn’t work then don’t punish him or her for it. Try again in a different way. Your child will pick up on what works. and that is what’s important.

The reason for this is that children learn by seeing what their parents do and the results of their actions. So they’ll see that when they behave well with you and other people they will get more rewards from you. So, instead of punishing your child if he or she doesn’t behave well you should try to get him or her to behave in a way that will result in rewards. And you will soon find that your child will be happier.

However, you should also remember that your parenting style doesn’t have to be the same as your child’s. So you may not have to follow your own style and in many cases you may have to modify theirs. to fit your child’s needs.

For instance, you may not need to spend a lot of time with your child if you are married and this will mean that you don’t need to spend lots of time together as a family. If you live in a small area, perhaps you could look for activities to do that your spouse and children will enjoy. You could play board games or chess.

Your children also differ in age, so they may not need a lot of physical activity as their needs may be different from yours. However, you should still get involved in the day to day activities of your child.

If your child has an older brother or sister who is in school for example, then your parenting style might be very different from his or her. If your child lives with you in the same household then you might need to use the same techniques as you would if you were alone.