Redecorating Your Kitchen? The Three Most Common Problems Solved

Sarah Lifestyle

If you are planning on updating your kitchen, chances are you will be dealing with one of these issues. Read on to find out our solutions to the obstacles most often faced by those redesigning their kitchens.

Lack of storage

When designing a kitchen for a particularly small space, storage is often the first thing that has to be compromised on, as once the necessary items have been added- the oven, fridge etc.- there is very little space left for dedicated storage cabinets. The solution? Making the most of every inch of space by thinking outside the box (or outside the cupboard!).

Fit your kitchen design to the layout of the room, and use all available wall space by adding shelves cut to fit or custom cabinets. Get creative and add racks above your worktop space for hanging utensils and pans from, and use hooks to help give everything a designated slot. By making sure that you have space for everything, you can keep worktops clear and uncluttered which helps the room to look and feel bigger.

Open Plan Layout

With an open-plan style kitchen design, you have two main choices: either create a sense of continuity by keeping the colour scheme and décor between the kitchen and the rest of the space the same, or mark out the kitchen as a distinct space by using two different designs. If you are opting for the former, then use the same paint colour and flooring to maintain the flow between rooms, and use colour accents to keep the design the same. Keep the space feeling open and airy by making the most of natural light and opting for bright colours, and find a home for appliances to stop them from cluttering up worktops and making the room look busy.

Alternatively if you do want the kitchen to feel like a separate zone, consider using distinctly different wall colours and a change in the flooring, either with two different materials or just some strategically placed rugs to create a clear sense of one room ending and another beginning.

Difficult space

If you have a kitchen that is difficult to work with due to an awkward shape, and cannot redesign the layout as you are limited by the positioning of windows, doors, sloped walls etc. then
conventional cabinets may not work. The best way to deal with a tricky kitchen is to consult a kitchen design company to help you create your own kitchen.

A bespoke design can fit the space perfectly and solve any issues caused by an awkward layout. For example if your current storage situation features lots of unusable space, you can make it work better with bespoke design. Add drawers to cabinets that are too deep to easily reach the back of, and use stackable shelves or other organisers within tall narrow cabinets to maximise on the available space.

However you use the kitchen – whether you are a keen cook so need lots of worktop space to prep, or enjoy hosting so want an integrated dining space-  by creating a unique kitchen it can be perfectly  designed to meet your needs.