Skort – All You Need to Know

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Skorts are very popular across the world and why wouldn’t they be? Providing girls of all ages, from young girls to teenagers, with a comfortable, versatile item of clothing that’s suitable for all activities at school, including physical education, there’s little wonder why skorts are as popular as they are.

Skorts are a new phenomenon, but they’re one that’s really taken off in the short time they’ve been available. In this article, we look at skorts and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

What are Skorts?

Skorts are, as you may have deduced from their name, a combination of a pair of shorts (bike pants) and a skirt. With a pleated skirt over the top of a pair of bike pants, they’re a comfortable and modest item of clothing that provides an excellent combination of comfort, modesty and respectability, making them a superb choice for primary and secondary level female students.

Available in a broad colour range that’s suitable for Australian schools, Skortshop is the best place to search for skorts that are available in wide range of sizes for girls of all ages.

Why Are They So Popular?

Skorts provide girls with what is a very comfortable and modest attire that can be worn at school for all activities, which is one of many reasons why they’re proving so popular. As many of us know well thinking back to our childhoods, it can be very difficult trying to run around and play sport while keeping a skirt in place, so skorts provide girls with a comfortable, modest clothing solution that can be worn throughout the school day.

Primary school skorts for sport are flattering on all shapes and sizes, plus they’re very comfortable and made from quality fabric that has been tested to ensure it meets the requirements of schools and parents. This means it’s been tested to ensure that it’s sun-safe SPF 50+, a requirement for all schools in Australia these days due to the dangers (skin cancer, etc.) of our sunny climate.

Do Skorts Have Pockets?

Yes, they do. All skorts have a pocket, a slide zipper to be more precise, located on the side. Pockets are essential for all school students, so of course skorts come with a pocket for lunch money and other things.

What Sizes are They Available In?

To meet popular demand, skorts are available in a wide range of sizes, as well as colours, to ensure that all girls of all ages, shapes and sizes, can have a pair of skorts to wear to school. What’s more, as skorts feature stretchy bike pants underneath a skirt made of scientifically tested sun-safe SPF 50+ material to keep the harmful sun’s rays at bay, they’re very comfortable. In fact, they’re so comfortable it may be quite a task trying to get your daughter to wear something else on weekends!

Skorts are very popular school clothing for girls. Providing a comfortable and modest attire that’s suitable for all school activities, there’s little wonder why they’ve proven so popular in recent years.