Subtle Decor Changes That Make a BIG Difference

Sarah Lifestyle

I suppose if it were up to us as individuals, we’d probably be redecorating our interior spaces any chance we could get, mostly just to keep up with the seasons as they change but also just to keep things fresh. It can definitely get rather uninspiring having to sit in a home environment where things are pretty much the same as they were 10-15 years ago, but again, it always pretty much just comes down to the budget one has to work with.

Making major decor changes is usually quite a costly exercise, taken advantage of by the service providers and goods producers whom you’d probably look towards in seeking out interior decor products and services. For the most part they pretty much know that you have very little choice, with a lot of what is available on the market as alternatives pretty much costing the same, if not more.

All is not lost however – far from it in fact. You don’t have to be dramatic about your decor shake-up for it to make the dramatic impact you want. The application of the subtlest of changes can make a huge difference – a big difference to the point of not being able to recognise your own interior spaces as you’ve come to know them for the past good few years.

The great thing is that in their subtlety, these small changes you make cost as little as their subtlety, so there’ll be nothing nearly like breaking the bank to achieve the effect you’re looking for.

A fresh coat of paint

Okay, so these days interior paints aren’t quite as cheap as they used to be, but it’s still relatively affordable to apply a fresh coat of paint nevertheless, so much so that you can do it quite regularly. Once a quarter is not unrealistic, to be timed with the changing of the seasons, perhaps.

Moving around the furniture

This may appear to be a little bit of an obvious suggestion in making subtle changes for a big difference, but it simply works and there are variations to doing it. For example, if you have more than one set of living room couch suites in the house, each of their units can be mixed and matched with each other, scattered across all the rooms in which you’d otherwise house each of the suites separately, as complete units.

Blinds and shutters

The rather aptly named comes into focus as perhaps the best solution to check out for all your blinds and shutters needs. I specifically mentioned blinds and shutters over traditional curtains because blinds and shutters in application hold the power to transform an interior space into what can seem like two completely different spaces post-installation. I mean if you simply open the shutters, whatever colour scheme they may have essentially disappears out of sight, leaving the windows looking like they have no curtains on them at all.

This is the best way to let ample natural light in at will.