Tips to Create an Instagram-Worthy Wedding

Sarah Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Your wedding is the perfect time to capture picture-perfect moments and share beautiful images with your family and friends online. Wedding photos are important because they immortalize your special day and give you something to look back on.

Here are tips for creating an unforgettable Instagram-worthy wedding:

Create photo-ops for guests

Creating an Instagram-worthy wedding doesn’t mean that you have to dress up your entire wedding with extravagant decorations. The most budget-friendly way to plan an Instagram-worthy wedding is by creating focal points and photo-ops for guests.

For instance, serve a signature cocktail in a unique glass or create an eye-catching champagne wall. You could also ask your florist to create a flower archway or wall. This will provide a beautiful backdrop for photos and encourage your guests to take lots of photos. Also, don’t forget to ask your Portland engagement photographer (or wherever they’re from) what type of photos they might take of you. Knowing the style of the photographer can also help you pose better for the pictures, whether they are for stills or candids.

Hire a vintage wedding car

A vintage wedding car will give you lots of opportunities to capture Instagram-worthy snaps. A beautiful car will help you create beautiful memories and capture magical wedding photos. These vintage wedding cars in London will give you the entrance you have dreamed of and allow you to travel in comfort, luxury, and style.

Take the time to compare different vintage wedding cars and choose a model that suits your needs and preferences. Some of the most popular vintage wedding car brands include Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Daimler.

Provide disposable cameras

If you want to create an Instagram-worthy wedding, then you’ll need to have lots of photos to share, so don’t just rely on your professional photographer. Encourage your guests to take lots of photos and provide disposable cameras. Your guests may capture beautiful candid shots of your special day, and the photos will be available instantly, whereas you may have to wait several weeks to receive your professional photos.

Make sure that you set rules for sharing photographs on social media after the event. For instance, you may ask guests not to share any photos of you and your partner until you’ve had a chance to post one and given guests the go-ahead.

Create a picture-perfect menu

Food is a big part of your wedding budget, and it also offers plenty of opportunities for photos. Create a picture-perfect menu that your guests will want to capture and share online. If you can afford it, then impress your guests with an immersive wedding breakfast that uses innovative food presentation and decorations like dry ice.

If you are working with a tight budget, then you can save money on catering and give your guests a memorable experience by opting for quirky food stalls. Make-your-own food stations are also popular and allow guests to create unique dishes that are tailored to their tastes.

Final thoughts

Instagram-worthy weddings are all the rage, and couples are going the extra mile to plan a unique and memorable celebration. Use these tips to create an Instagram-worthy wedding with plenty of picture-perfect moments. You can also look on sites like Instagram and Pinterest to find inspiration for your wedding so that you have the best pictures to look back on.