Ways in which e-cigarettes are better than smoking tobacco cigarettes

Sarah Health, Lifestyle

There are several smokers who are choosing to move from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes and they are often seen to ask questions like ‘which one is a better option?’ As soon as they ask this question, pat comes the reply within few seconds that electronic cigarettes are certainly a better alternative than smoking tobacco and that their benefits outgrow their downsides. Chances are high that when a tobacco smoker is choosing to shift, they are already looking forward to having a better experience on several levels.

Though you can go through the electronic cigarette reviews at e-cigarettereviewsuk.co.uk, yet you should always try to know about the several ways in which they’re better than their tobacco counterparts. Here are few things to keep in mind.

#1: No more strong scent of tobacco

Sneaking away a puff or two when you don’t want others to know is never possible with regards to tobacco cigarettes as it has got a strong smell which usually comes from inhaling cigarettes. The smell lingers in your hair, clothes, skin, home and car. In fact those around you will also be inflicted with this strong smell. As the tobacco burns, this gives out this smell. But since there is no such burning in e-cigs, there is no smell associated. There are few vapers which claim a fast and slight disappearing odor but most of them have no odor associated with them.

#2: Smoking e-cigs are considerably less costly

There is no denying the fact that conventional cigarettes have increased in cost since the last few years. Due to the high cost of production, commutation and the hefty taxes applicable on the government, the prices continue to rise at a similar rate. On the other hand, if you vape an e-cig, you just have to put in an initial investment so that you could sit back and relax with the vaping, irrespective of your age.

#3: Electronic cigarettes are not as harmful as tobacco cigarettes

There have been numerous studies over the year to prove that smoking anything that burns tobacco like a pipe or a cigarette leads to heart issues, cancer and respiratory problems. This is true as tobacco cigarettes are filled with toxic chemicals called carcinogens. Hence, they’re clearly harmful. However, since the tobacco is not associated with e-cigs, they’re not so harmful. You can even vape in front of children as they are more sociable.

Hence, whenever you seem to be confused between tobacco smoking and e-cigs, you should take into account the above listed factors before deciding.