When the Heat is On!

Sarah Lifestyle

Summer is on the way in the northern hemisphere and that means we are constantly looking at weather reports to see how hot it is, how warm it’s going to be next day and to compare those temperatures with last year and last century and whatever other interesting statistic that can be broadcast for maximum effect.

What is it with our fixation on heat, hot temperature? And it gets personal too. Here’s how the conversation goes in our typical household.

“Mum, I don’t feel well. I must be coming down with something and shouldn’t go to school.”

“Let me check.” Mum puts her hand on the child’s forehead. “Hmm, you feel a little warm, but I’m not sure that means you have a temperature high enough to miss classes.”

There can be two outcomes here. No. 1. The kid goes to school, the condition gets worse, mum or dad has to leave work to go and pick the child up from school. No. 2. Nothing, the kid was foxing because he/she didn’t finish homework.

The solution? Check this out and you will agree it does a far better job than a hand on the forehead. No more guesswork.

Here’s another scenario. Not so familiar in our household anymore with the kids grown up but it was certainly a daily event when they were little. Remember bathing the baby and putting your elbow in the water to check the temperature? Well, if you didn’t, then another way of checking was to dump the baby in the bath. If he/she screamed it was either too hot or freezing cold. Hi-tech has finally hit our favourite rubber ducky toy but in a good way. This little fellow will tell you the temperature of the water, the room temperature, and triples up as a clock as well. It turns red if the water is too hot and green if it’s too cold. The bonus is that it squeaks when you squeeze it!

Another very handy product is the thermometer that measures a baby’s temperature. A baby cannot pull a fast one on you with the “I feel sick” line. It just cries, and cries, and…you get my meaning. Checking your bub’s temp is important enough to probably do it on a regular basis. Body temperature changes in a baby are critically important and if you have the right device you can rest easier knowing whether your little one is really sick or just running a slight temperature.

Sometimes the advances in technology can be a right pain to learn and master but when the research is devoted to the manufacture of devices that assist with your overall health or that of your family, there’s not a lot you can say against it. Dare I say it but these items are HOT!