Which massage gun should you buy from Hyperice?

Sarah Lifestyle

There are a lot of different massage guns to choose from when you are looking to optimise your recovery and give your muscles all the help needed when it comes to getting back in the gym.

Massage guns are a good way to deal with any pains that may be reoccurring in certain areas and they are also a good way to provide some moderate stress relief after a long day. However these benefits will only be truly realised if you pick a massage gun that offers very good performance. For elite level massage guns there are two main options from reputable manufacturer Hyperice; the Hypervolt and the Hypervolt Plus.

In this blog we take a quick look at which one you should pick if you are in the market for a new high-end massage gun. Both offer good benefits and it should be stated before we get underway that both would add a lot of value to your workout, no matter what your skill level.

The Hypervolt offers great overall performance

If you want the best possible performance at the best possible price then the Hypervolt standard is probably the best massage gun from Hyperice to go for. Whilst they do offer even more affordable and accessible massage guns, the performance you get from the Hypervolt when compared to the price is truly remarkable.

When you buy a Hyperice product you can be sure of good performance and a good warranty, you get both with the Hypervolt massage gun.

The Hypervolt Plus offer Bluetooth connectivity and extra power

The Hypervolt Plus is the extra level that many are seeking when it comes to getting good performance out of their massage gun. This version of the product comes with Bluetooth connectivity and offers 30% more power than the standard Hypervolt. This is one of the reasons why many athletes choose this massage gun from Hyperice as it gives them the best possible performance when they are not too focused on the price.

Pick the right massage gun for your needs

Both of the massage guns offered by Hyperice have different benefits and will be good for different uses. If you really want to invest in high quality performance, then the Hypervolt Plus is certainly the option to go for. Whichever one you decide on, make sure you purchase through a reputable distributor for your local region.