Your Holiday Vaction with Muay Thai in Thailand

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Perhaps the best part of training Muay Thai in Thailand is the complete freedom to choose the place where your will train. With huge selection of camp located in various regions of the country, choosing the best place to train can be daunting. You have the option to enroll on a gym situated at the mountainous area or probably near the beach. Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok are only some of your choices; all of them characterize a diverse environment. For those who are looking for the not-so popular gyms, we listed some of the best destination for you.


The Best Holiday Destination in Thailand to Train Muay Thai


When you are looking for a place to train, it is essential to understand your particular needs. In the event that you are a professional fighter, you want to look for a place that will offer you with the right support and equipments. For the beginners, you might want to consider the training camp that has an experience in dealing with the beginners.




Issan is situated on the Northeastern portion of Thailand. It houses few camps that the travelers love to visit. This place is ideal for those who want to have a serious training. Aside from your daily Muay Thai exercise, there is nothing else to do here. In some cases, this can be a bad thing especially if you are looking for other activities during your holiday vacation. Perhaps, the best thing about this place is the local delicacies. In case you want to have a taste of the local, spicy foods then you need to go to an Issan restaurant. They offer amazing and healthy foods here. You may also ask them to reduce the salt and MSG if you want a healthy sustenance.


Koh Samui


The islands nestled at the eastern coast of Thailand are another perfect training ground for the beginners in Muay Thai. For the budget travelers, Koh Samui is your ideal destination. Koh Phangnan houses some of the most renowned camps in the country. In case you want to experience the stunning diving spot of this oriental country, Koh Tao is just the right place to train. You can also get a diving certificate while you are in the area. These places are packed with tourists; you can expect that most of the trainees in the local gyms are foreign nationals.


Hua Hin


Hua Hin is located at the southern region of Bangkok. It is renowned as a popular holiday destination of the elites in Thailand. The few gyms that you will discover in this area are popular among the travelers. In case you want a refreshing and relaxing destination that offers amazing food, you should consider Hua Hin. Nonetheless, you need to remember that there are only limited amount of Muay Thai training camps that you can choose from.


We encourage you to try different gyms in various regions. Don’t forget read at for more information. You will only realize the best Muay Thai training camp for you if you have experience them all.