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The Best Alternative to a Hot Tub Holiday?

Sarah Lifestyle

There are plenty of variations of hot tubs that you can buy nowadays, with a hot tub to suit many different budgets, whether you want a high-end hot tub or even a portable cheaper option for use on infrequent occasions.

Before opting for the more permanent and expensive options it may be worth trying out the cheaper versions to see if you’ll get the use out of an expensive one. When looking at the options for the stand alone permanent options, we came across the Whirlwind tubs. They are expensive but not as expensive as some can be with fewer features.

Another option for ‘trying out’ hot tubs is to embark on a hot tub holiday in the UK. These can be cheaper than running the risk of buying a hot tub and hating it and you can visit as many places as you want with a near guarantee of a different hot tub at every location. If you’re struggling to find a hot tub holidays that’s good for you, has a complete guide to hot tub holidays. Including cottages with hot tubs, cabins with hot tubs and hot tub lodges.

Design-wise, the Whirlwind is a round tub which doesn’t take up as much space as I thought it would do. It is very basic looking with just being one colour but luckily I did manage to find patio furniture that matched it well which is a blessing as it has become the centrepiece of our garden. It is a single colour and you can probably pay a bit extra for different colours but the neutral range was enough for us as we didn’t want something too over the top and fancy. We got it on sale at just under £4,500 which is a lot of money but we do get a lot of use out of it.

The features of the tub are great as there are 22 jets around the whole tub, and they can be controlled by a little electric panel on the side. A welcome feature that is fun to play with at night is the LED controls. The lighting is multicoloured so it looks amazing at night when you change the colours to a bright blue or green. It’s even a great feature if you want to set the mood and change it to a more romantic red colour.

Our tub, in particular, doesn’t actually cost a lot to run, at around 32p a day, it’s very affordable and doesn’t eat into our electricity bill too much, even though we use it pretty much every day. I’m glad we did our research as some tubs can cost a lot to run and some energy suppliers may make you change your tariff with more expensive rates if you’re using so much electricity.

The family find the tub very comfortable, the bench like seating is best for the kids as well as the adults as it doesn’t make you feel like you’re locked into the tub. Some moulded seating can make it difficult to enter in and out of the tub whereas ours is more like a step and if the jets are on, it’s a lot easier than trying to guide your way around the bumps and jets of the more expensive hot tubs that are available.

Overall, we all love the tub, we play games, relax at night and have cosy nights in. There’s enough room for all the family without it being too crowded and it helps us all be sociable with each other instead of sitting inside watching TV.