3 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe When Out In Public

Sarah Health

When your children are little, or even not so little anymore, one of the biggest priorities parents face is knowing how to keep them safe. Within the walls of your own home, there are countless ways that you can ensure safety hazards are limited and your children can freely explore their space. 


Once you leave home, however, there are so many potential hazards out there that you really need to be on guard and teach your kids the proper skills for safety. So to help both you and your children get to this point, here are three tips for keeping your kids safe when out in public. 


Talk About Potential Safety Hazards Before You Get There


Depending on where you’re going with your kids, the safety hazards that you’re likely to face will vary. So to ensure that your kids will be as safe as they can be regardless of where you’re going, Terri Coles, a contributor to the Huffington Post, recommends that you talk about safety regularly and discuss potential hazards with your kids before you get to your destination.


The exact hazards you’ll want to go over will change for each place you visit. For example, if you’re going for a walk together, you’ll want to be aware of cars driving around you. If you’re headed to the pool, you’ll need to remind your kids not to run on the wet ground. But before you get to where you’re going, make sure your kids know of any rules you’re setting that will help to keep them safe. 


Identify Safe People


One of the biggest and scariest threats to the safety of your children when you’re out in public together is other people. But luckily, most people out there aren’t looking to harm others, especially your little ones. And although you might have been taught about “stranger danger” when you were young, this principle doesn’t really work if there ever comes a time when your child needs the help of an adult, like if they get lost from you.


In situations such as this, Allison Slater Tate, a contributor to Today.com, shares that it can be helpful for you to speak to your children about safe people they can approach if they need help. To best identity these people, teach them to look for someone who works at the place they’re at or, in some cases, is a parent or guardian with children already.


Teach Them What To Do If A “Tricky Person” Approaches Them


While it’s not always helpful to teach children about “stranger danger”, you can and should teach them about “tricky people”.


According to Kathleen M. Heins, a contributor to Better Homes and Gardens, tricky people are those who try to get your kids to do something that they shouldn’t or don’t want to do. Some of the most common examples are adults who ask kids for help with a lost pet or some other problem. Make sure you teach your kids that trusted adults don’t ask kids for help and that they should always check with you before dealing with other adults. 


If you’re concerned about keeping your kids safe when out in public with them, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this issue.