Deciding Which Types of Trade Show Displays Are Right For You

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Trade show displays play a significant role in attracting attention to the products or services offered by a business, whether it’s a big corporation or a mommy side-hustle brand that forms part of a lifestyle business. Therefore, the right type of trade show display is crucial to your brand’s success on the event floor. Trade show displays come in a various types which have different size ranges, styles and costs.

Tabletop Displays

This type of display assumes the form of a small metal structure which is easily collapsible and can fit into a small portable case. Tabletop displays typically have graphic panels that are attached to the structure with fasteners or magnets. They are popular with exhibitors because of the ease with which they can be set up, requiring little labour once on-site. They are rather astutely named because from that it is easily comprehensible that they can be set on top of a table.

Pop-up Displays

Made from plastic, vinyl or fabric, pop-up displays contain at least one graphic image, available either as tabletop or floor display versions. Pop-up displays are convenient to use along with harbouring other advantages such as the simplicity in their setting-up and tearing-down, in addition to their ease of transportation. A drawback though, is that pop-up displays usually come in one size that isn’t adjustable.

Large Island Exhibits

Some of the biggest and best displays the industry has to offer are large island exhibits. These large, multi-dimensional booths are ideal for large companies or anyone with the budget to make a significant impact. Their multi-dimensional design profile allows marketers and visitors to explore every aspect and area of the display by walking through and around. Podiums, tables, chairs, multimedia displays, custom lighting and more can be included, all in a bid to create a booth that will leave visitors with a lasting impression.

Custom Trade Show Displays

Customisation of an exhibit would make for the best idea to promote a brand. They can help a brand distinguish itself in a crowd of competing exhibitors. To construct brand popularity, brand promotion is vital and makes for a unique way to achieve this. You can engage experts from ExpoMarketing for unique custom trade show displays, but in doing so, remember that these types of displays require engaging labour support to set up.

Trade Exhibit Booths

These displays are often 10 x 10 in size, which comes in as the standard booth size at most marketing events. The selection of smaller booths available are usually easier to set up, and are compact so they pack up small. That inevitably means transportation costs will be lower as well, which is an advantage they enjoy over the larger exhibits. Smaller booths which are effectively a lot more portable are ideal for exhibitors running operations of any size, especially when it hasn’t been long since they started attending marketing events.

ExpoMarketing manufactures varied types and sizes of trade show displays. You can browse through their selection and choose the one that is suitable for your business. However, keep in mind that whatever type you go for, your aim is to promote your brand.