3 Ways to Improve Your Overall Health

Sarah Health, Lifestyle

Do you feel like your immune system has weakened lately? Are you constantly under some infection, fevers, coughing and similar things? If you add chronic fatigue and weakness to it, you might really need to do something about your health.

We are constantly exposed to different health threats, but if our defense system is strong enough, it really doesn’t matter. If, however, that is not the case and you feel every virus and bacteria you encounter can easily penetrate your immune system, then you really need to do something about that.

Nowadays, there are so many methods that can help you, but some of them often cost a lot of money. However, we often forget the basics, simple, everyday things that can seriously improve our health and our overall quality of life. Mattress Makers remind us of some of those things.

Don’t Forget Your ABC

And you know I don’t mean alphabet. Make sure you have a sufficient daily vitamin intake. It is crucial for the proper functioning of your organism.

Of course, all of us know how important vitamin C is for our immune system, yet we often forget it.

People often turn to various supplements in the form of tablets, pills and similar artificial products. Some of them may be really good, but we often disregard the natural sources of all these vitamins just because we are constantly bombed by different products. You can find all that, and probably more in fruit and vegetables.

However, it’s important to eat organic if possible, as fruit and veggies you can find at the groceries often aren’t what you’d expect and don’t contain all the nutrients in expected values.

But don’t give up on really healthy food, it’s still possible to find it and it’s one of the absolutely most important factors in building your immune system.

LaLa Land

How much do you sleep, on average? Is your room well aired? How old is your mattress? You must know how important good rest is for your health and how important all these factors are.

What’s more, you certainly know how dangerous lack of sleep can be. Or do you? Maybe you know it, but simply ignore it, taking it for granted.

Lack of sleep and proper rest is a direct attack on your immune system and it can seriously weaken it over time. That’s why it’s crucial to find time for some good rest. Your organism will highly appreciate it.

If you’re going through a busy and stressful period, keep in mind that nothing is more important than your health and make sure you get enough sleep (not too much, though), otherwise, your body will feel the consequences.

Everything can wait a little bit, otherwise, everything will have to wait indefinitely. Be good to your body.


Rest sure is important, but so is regular physical activity. The predominant “sitting” way of life is so detrimental for our health, and we can’t even grasp how much.

Maybe we will in some ten or fifteen years, but it will be too late by then. So make sure you at least take a half-an-hour walk every day.

It would be ideal to find some time for proper exercise or gym, but even a walk will do, especially if you are chronically exhausted. Too much physical activity won’t help you too much, then. But in general, physical activity not only keeps you fit, but it ensures normal functioning of your entire body and helps you get rid of the toxins.

You certainly know how important it is for your health, so make sure you don’t forget about it, and actually act accordingly.