4 Home and Family Situations To Avoid

Sarah Home

As much as possible, you want your home life to be full of love and joy. Whenever you end up in neutral situations, that’s probably acceptable as well. But as soon as things head in the negative direction, you need to start figuring out what to do to restore order to your family unit.

There are several sets of negative circumstances that you can start listing off. Domestic abuse is never okay. Going through bankruptcy because of bad spending habits needs to be stopped. If there is a disconnect between the communication styles of family members, reconciliation needs to be made. And if family members treat each other with disrespect or contempt, that can lead down a very dark path.


Domestic Abuse

One of the worst things that can happen in a family is if there is domestic abuse going on. Domestic violence comes in a few different forms. It can be physical, in which one person is hitting or hurting other family members. And it can be emotional, where someone is yelling, insulting, or otherwise putting family members down. Both these kinds of abuse are unacceptable, and though it may be hard, family members need to turn in the culprit if this begins happening at home.



If you are the head of a household and you have trouble with money, you can turn your family finances into a bankruptcy situation. This should never happen. If you know what your budget is, you should know how much you have to spend on all of your bills, and then you can take money out from the rest to do things that are not required. As soon as you start moving money into entertainment or pleasure instead of things that need to be handled, you’re putting your family in a dangerous position.



There is also a matter of communication and emotional disconnection at home. If you’re having trouble communicating with your children, ignoring it is not the answer. You need to figure out how to push through the communication blockage and find out what different family members are thinking. It may be your fault that the communication broke down in the first place, so it may be up to you to repair that.


Disrespect and Contempt

One of the harbingers of divorce is disrespect and contempt. There is no place in the home for these negative emotions. If there is some core issue that is making people misbehave, there are respectful and open ways to communicate that. Passive aggressive behavior or acting out will make things worse. Often, disrespect and contempt will lead to further domestic abuse situations, which is why they should be curtailed as soon as they are noted.