5 Tips for Holding a Romantic and Memorable Vow Renewal Ceremony

Sarah Lifestyle

Have you and your spouse decided that you want an opportunity to renew your wedding vows? Maybe you’ve both been through a lot, perhaps you like the romance behind a vow renewal, or you want a chance to re-do the ceremony the way you wish it had gone the first time. Maybe this time you want to look at having Lynchburg wedding photography professionals there to capture everything, or you think it may be good to have your family take candid shots to relive the moments. Vow renewal ceremonies are becoming more popular, and they aren’t just reserved for couples who have been married for decades; they can be done any time you like. If you are planning a vow renewal, here are some tips that can help.

Choose the Venue – Pick a Place with Meaning

The first thing to consider for your vow renewal ceremony will be the venue. Ideally, it should have a meaning to you as a couple. Maybe it was the location of a special event or moment you had together, perhaps a favourite holiday destination or a place the two of you have always found romantic.

Will You Invite Guests to the Ceremony?

Then there is the question of guests. Do you want this to be a big ceremony that you share with family and friends or a private affair just for the two of you? Both can be romantic; it’s about what your couple style is and how you envision the renewal ceremony. If you want to have guests there, then the number you plan on inviting will help to determine the venue.

Will You Write Your Vows?

Writing your wedding vows has become increasingly popular in the past couple of decades and this can be a great opportunity to update your original wedding vows. Remember, the vows don’t have to be in-depth and long; they just need to be from the heart, have thought and meaning behind them, and capture the essence of what marriage means to the two of you.

Update and Upgrade Your Wedding Rings

This can also be a great opportunity to update and upgrade your wedding rings. There’s a good chance the two of you have grown as a couple and your tastes have changed. What you once loved as wedding rings may not speak to you today. You may want to look for something more elegant, refined, classic or traditional. Perhaps your original wedding bands were basic yellow or white gold and now you want something with diamonds in it. It can be the perfect addition to a beautiful ceremony. Be sure to look at shops such as byregal.co.uk for ideas.

What Will You Wear?

So many couples end up going the traditional route for their wedding and while that may seem like the thing you have to do, there are no rules. A vow renewal ceremony could be your opportunity to do things the way you wished you had the first time around when it comes to wardrobe. Rather than worry about bridal attire rules, wear what the two of you want. That could be ethereal, romantic, sophisticated, elegant or something more trendy and edgy.

Once you start getting into the planning phase of your vow renewal ceremony, it becomes obvious that for many couples this offers a chance to have a more personal, unique and customised wedding versus the first one. The pressure is lifted, and you can do the ceremony your way.