Can You Get Your Nails Done While Pregnant?

Sarah Health, Lifestyle

If you are pregnant then you already must have heard about a long list of things that you should do and should not do during pregnancy. You will hear all kinds of things. Some things may also shock you. While some of those tips may be authentic, others would be completely wrong.

One of the least talked about issue of getting your nails done while pregnant came to my knowledge when my 5 months pregnant sister went to the salon to get her nails done and got weird stares by all the old aged women who had come to the salon to get a manicure or pedicure.

One woman even was so concerned about my sister’s health that she got up from her seat and came to my sister to tell her that it is not safe for her to get her nails done as she is pregnant. When my sister asked why it isn’t safe for her that woman had no answer.

So I thought why not research about it a bit.

After a bit of googling and asking several salon workers, I came to the result that YES, you can get your nails done while pregnant, however, you just need to be a bit cautious.

If you want to know more about the precautions while getting your nails done during pregnancy then keep on reading!

Precautions When You Are Pregnant!

Now as we already know, that whatever we do during our pregnancy will affect the baby. So it is important to take extra care of yourself when you are pregnant.

One of the reasons why women experience miscarriages during the first few months of their pregnancies is that they are unable to take proper care of themselves and are not familiar with the things that are good or bad for them and the baby.

Women are extra sensitive during their pregnancies which is why they are prone to get infections or sickness while pregnant.

Now, what can you do to avoid that? You obviously need to start taking extra care of yourself to avoid getting sick and harming the health of the baby.

How Are Salons Dangerous During Pregnancies?

Let’s get to the real reason why it is sometimes dangerous for a pregnant woman to go to a salon to get her nails done.

There are some salons that use chemicals with strong fumes which can be harmful to women during pregnancy which is why it is recommended to avoid getting your nails done at a salon.

If you work at such a salon while being pregnant then there is a huge risk of miscarriage or a defect in the baby when he/she gets birth.

If you are at a salon and start feeling nausea or dizzy then leave the salon immediately to get some fresh air. As the products used in the salon have strong fumes, so inhaling them can cause a pregnant woman to feel dizzy.

Do your research before going to a nail salon to get your nails done. Make sure that they are not using any harsh chemicals with strong fumes.

Stay Clean, Stay Safe

Another reason why it is considered dangerous to go to salons during pregnancies is that women get infected easily. However, if the salon is using clean tools and making sure that their tools are completely sterilized then there is nothing for you to worry about.

Just make sure that everything is clean so you and your baby can stay safe.

What Can a Pregnant Woman Do?

Don’t worry, ladies! We have got this covered for you. If you are pregnant and want to get your nails done at a salon but are worried about it causing harm to your baby then follow the tips given below and enjoy those pretty manicured hands and pedicured feet.

  • Ask someone close to you to visit the salon and check whether their tools are properly sterilized and that they are not using any products with harsh chemicals or strong fumes.
  • Go to a certified salon and check their certification. You can also personally ask them to be extra careful with you as you’re pregnant.
  • Ask the salon worker to not use any toxic nail polishes on your nails. You can also take along your non-toxic nail polishes to the salon.

Want to know which nail polishes are the best during pregnancy? Non-toxic nail polishes can be your go-to while you are pregnant as they are safe and won’t cause any harm to you or the baby.

You can also check out this review on the best nail polishes as they are some good non-toxic options for you to spend your money on during pregnancy.