Dental Care During Pregnancy

Sarah Health

When you are pregnant, a lot of changes go on in your body. During pregnancy we have a huge increase in the amount of blood going around our body and this can cause a wide range of issues. One of these issues that can occur is Periodontitis, or bleeding gums. This is made increasingly worse by the amount of hormonal changes which make our gums more susceptible to plaque. Plaque is what causes inflammation and bleeding, which can lead to gingivitis / gum disease.

How to maintain good oral hygeine

For the reasons mentioned above, it is very important to maintain heathy oral hygiene all the way through pregnancy in a more vigilant way than you usually would. Always clean your teeth twice a day for the recommended minimum time of two minutes. It is best to avoid sugary drinks such is fizzy drinks or added sugar and try to avoid eating sugary food on a regular basis. Instead of snacking on unhealthy and sugary foods opt for vegetables and healthy snacks.  Alcohol free mouthwashes can be used to maintain a healthy mouth as well. Gum disease is also made much worse if you smoke, so if you want your gums to be healthy again it’s a good idea to stop.

Seeking dental care

Now that you are pregnant, you are entitled to free dental care on the NHS. Whilst this is an added bonus of pregnancy It may not always be the best option. This is because of the due volume of patients in the NHS and the reduced time they are given to deal with each one. If you wish to have a more thorough dental care during pregnancy it is a good idea to go to a private dentist. They can give you more of their time and find the best care for you. Remember to always tell your dentist that you are pregnant when you go to the dentist so you can be given the appropriate advice for your situation.