Could this be the best job for flexible working?

Sarah Lifestyle

When you’re a parent, having a flexible job where you can manage your hours is priceless. That’s because kids demand so much of your time. If it’s not the school run or play dates, it’s sports clubs or parents’ evening. Either way, there’s a problem. It’s hard to find a job with an understanding boss and even if you do luck out, your role probably won’t pay well.

As a result, parents tend to work shop shifts and drive themselves into the ground. Or they start a risky new enterprise. Or they just don’t do anything at all, instead committing to waiting until college or university time before they head back into employment.

But there is an alternative. If you become a driving instructor, you can set your own hours with most driving schools. So if you can only deliver lessons between 10am and 2pm, that’s not a problem. You’re the boss and so long as you continue to teach pupils well, no one will mind a jot. Everyone understands going in.

You can also usually set your own prices, too. So, you can charge a little more when life is busy and a bit less when it isn’t. That’s worth thinking about when you’re coping with the long summer holidays, for instance. But the point is, you can basically earn the living you want and adjust it as you see fit.

You could even specialise in offering intensive driving courses. These crash courses are great value, as they’re delivered over a set period (maybe over 1-3 weeks in most cases) and normally always get the desired result.

Of course, the best thing about these is that an instructor can block out a few weeks in their schedule, earn a pretty amount and then do nothing for the next month. That kind of working arrangement is perfect for a parent. Essentially, you can dip in and out of work as you need to.

So, this all sounds great, but how do you become a driving instructor? Well, it’s pretty easy. To become an advanced driving instructor, you need to take a few tests and register for work… then you’re good to go.

And once you’re a driving instructor, you’ll have a working arrangement that’s the envy of every other parent. The school holidays are in the diary, so you can plan ahead. Other appointments can be worked around. Playtime can be organised. Really, what’s not to like?

Finally, you’ll also get job satisfaction. Teaching someone to driving and helping them pass their test is genuinely life changing. It’s something they’ll remember for as long as they live. Being an instructor doesn’t just give you the lifestyle you’re after, but also the happiness you crave.

Are you ready to get behind the wheel and turn on the ignition?