Essential Things New Mothers Should Know

Sarah Lifestyle

When we were planning to have our first child, we went through a range of emotions from excitement and apprehension to downright fear. We would ask other mothers for advice on what to expect and read as much as we possibly could. But, it still felt as though it wasn’t enough to prepare us for what was about to happen. The birth of our baby girl changed our lives and it was tough, very tough, getting through that first year.

Fortunately, we were more confident with number two and felt like a bit of an expert when number three came around a few years later. I’ve been through it all. And we’ve made pretty much every mistake in the book in our experiences with parenthood. So, I know what any soon-to-be new mom is going through and want to share my essential tips and advice.

It’s Going to be Tougher than You Expect:

You may be ready for your life to change and anticipate what’s about to happen. But, a lot of new mothers underestimate the sheer stress and emotional impact of a new born child. The first is point is to expect a few months to fully recover from giving birth. You should also realise that the baby will need constant care around the clock for the first six months. Child raising is a fantastic and rewarding experience and things will get easier as time passes. Just anticipate the reality of how hard it’s going to be at the start.

Not Every Small Problem is an Emergency:

If the baby sleeps longer than usual or isn’t eating as often as they normally do, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong. New mothers are overly protective and when something is slightly inconsistent to the norm, they start to panic. The vast majority of the time, it’s simply just a natural occurrence. Perhaps your baby was sleepier compared to yesterday or maybe they’re just not as hungry. Every small anomaly isn’t always a cause for concern. My advice is to learn about the biological and physiological changes in a newborn so that you know what’s normal and when to contact the doctor.

Everyone Makes Mistakes:

If you’re doing something for the first time and have no experience, it’s inevitable that you’re going to make mistakes at some point. Motherhood is no different. Don’t beat yourself when you realise that you could have done something differently or perhaps that wasn’t the best approach. Acknowledge the error and learn from it. A few small things aren’t going to make any difference in the long run. And when people do feel angry and frustrated at themselves over the small things, it only makes you more likely to do it again.

The Bottom Line:

When the baby is born, everything changes. In the first few months expect it to be more challenging than you could imagine. Try to learn as much as you can about a child’s early behaviour and physiology so that you can tell when something really is wrong. And most importantly of all, don’t worry and learn from your mistakes. As time passes, it gets easier, trust me.