How often should I use leg compression boots?

Sarah Health, Lifestyle

So far, in an average year, first responders are about to use nearly 35,000 artificial limb solutions. While this may sound like a lot, keep in mind that our responders are using them much less than the civilians they are trying to save. Most often, our frontline units are using leg compression boots for injured people in the days and weeks following an accident. They may wear them for weeks, months or even years, depending on the severity of the wound. The people who get the greatest benefit are the patients who actually have wounds that need healing and that requires them to wear these boots on a daily basis.

Fortunately, artificial leg boots are now much more affordable, so there is a good chance you can get a pair for much less than the current retail price of $550 per pair!

How much leg compression boot wear is reasonable?

The way you use leg compression boots will determine how often you need to reapply them. It’s really easy to see that it’s much more common for an ankle or lower leg injury to fail than a knee injury or a severe joint injury like a broken leg.

We are told many times that an ankle or lower leg injury will take up to a month to heal while a broken leg will take up to six months, even if it’s only one inch or smaller. With more common, non-serious ankle or lower leg injuries, you can use your leg compression boots for two weeks or so, at most. With minor knee injuries, you can keep them on for at least a week or two and maybe a month, depending on how severe your knee injury is.

How many leg compression boots should I use?

Most people can get away with using two leg compression boots at most. More advanced people can even keep three pairs on for much longer periods of time. If you are also using a knee brace to help you stay mobile, you can probably get away with using four leg compression boots at the same time, if you are not walking much and your feet stay very, very close to the bottom of your leg compressing boots.

That being said, some doctors do suggest that we only use three leg compression boots in total for lower leg injuries, especially if there is a lot of knee bruising. So if you are trying to get the best benefit of your leg compression boots while keeping your ankles and knees mobile, you might want to do three sets of ten minutes of leg compression boots.

It’s also important to note that it’s impossible for all doctors and hospitals to come up with a good number of leg compression boots. It’s also impossible to tell which kind of leg compression boots should be used, since most hospitals use a wide variety of boots, ranging from very expensive boots with auto-micro technology to leather boots costing much less than a pair of regular leather boots. The price difference in price is related to how durable a particular boot is and how much weight is put on it.