The Newest Swimsuit Styles Online Will Knock Your Socks Off

Sarah Fashion

Irrespective of one’s shape or size, shopping for a swimsuit can be a real pain. After all, what are these pieces, in reality, if not dignified (and water-friendly) underwear. Exposing that much skin is enough to make anyone nervous, especially if you’re a bustier or curvier gal. No wonder, then, that shopping for swimwear is even more anxiety-inducing if you have to do it in a store with other shoppers and impatient sales clerks just outside the fitting room door. The good news is that online shopping for swimwear is easier than ever thanks to number of plus-size-friendly retailers.


The underlying principle is not to let swimwear’s intrinsic revealing nature make your choices limited. According to founder, blogger, and plus-size model Aimee Cheshire, shopping for plus-size apparel is easier than ever. For many years, plus-size and curvy women were told to avoid bikinis, and embrace the one piece, wear black, and hide their bodies under swimwear cover-ups, Cheshire explains. Today, she insists, the plus industry is changing from a stance of ‘concealing’ to ‘revealing,’ which means that more brands are offering up swimsuits for curvy bodies. This, she suggests, will allow you to step away from basic black and find brighter, bolder styles that fit your personality while also flattering your body.

Ahead, you’ll find some of the most popularplus size options that are making waves this season, along with a plethora of expert suggestions to help you achieve that look for yourself.

Straddling the line between the bikini and the tankini is the newly found midkini. Offering a little more coverage than the conventional two-piece, the midkini is similar to a smoldering bustier-style top that offers more support for well-endowed women. Online boutiques, like the plus-size exclusive retailer swimsuitsforall are stocking more and more midkinis, preparing shoppers for the next big trend, and increasing options more than ever before.

Summertime and showing skin usually go hand in hand. From full-fledged cuts in your bikini briefs, or just a peek of skin in a one-piece, experiment these for your inner exhibitionist.

Sheer Inserts
If you favor the cut-out vogue but are a tad too shy to reveal so much skin, try considering a diaphanous swimsuit this summer season. Sleek batches of illusion fabric offer all the sensuousness in a sexy way.

One of the encompassing fashion trends of the season in sport themed swimwear is a natural extension. Look for zipper-trimmed, one-piece suits, or put on a tankini top.

Strong Prints
Dainty patterns are pretty, but a big one is the center of attention. The sexiest styles decorate the sides witha slimming solid to flatter the figure. According to the experts at swimsuitsforall, plus size retailers are moving more and more into print, and farther away from the one color, one style black one piece.

Between cutouts and one-shoulder designs, we dare to see some very interesting tan lines this summer season, but it’s worth for the perfect swimsuit. Plus, asymmetrical styles add character, killing that old dowdiness dead.

Online shopping websites carry products year round, making it much convenient for women to find plus size swimwear in the style and size they’re looking for. Of course, being able to put on swimsuits at home is much better than facing the feared department store changing room! Visit to learn more about the sexiest plus size swimsuit styles of 2016, and find out how you can get your hands on them right away. Beach season is right around the corner — will you be ready?