Stylish Ways to Update Your Winter Wardrobe

Sarah Fashion

With winter about to make its arrival very soon, it’s time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe. Just like with any other season there are trends and styles worth noting, many of which could probably work with your existing wardrobe. So, before the cold weather settles in, here are some stylish ways you can update your winter wardrobe.

Your Outerwear Is Where It’s At

In the winter months, you spend a good amount of time bundled up. Any time you step outdoors, outerwear is required. So, this is a great place to make a fashion statement. This means stepping away from basic black and choosing trending colours, fabrics, and styles. But let’s also point out that warmth will matter – so anything with padding or clothing that is down-filled will typically be the best choice.

Trending for winter 2021/2022 are:

  • Coats with faux fur details such as trim
  • Belted coats
  • Unexpected colours such as lilac, emerald green, blue and red
  • Patterned fabric for interest
  • Metallic fabric

Keep the Bright Colours in Rotation

Something that people often end up doing in winter is settling for basic neutral colours. While neutrals are fabulous and the anchor to any complete wardrobe, they are also perfect for pairing with pops of colour. Trending for this winter are bright colours – the kinds you’d typically see in spring in summer. This may even give you a way to re-purpose some of your warm-weather items and instead layer them.

Wearing pops of colour will have you looking very trendy, and it will also elevate your mood and put a bounce in your step – something which is harder to come by in the winter months. As for what colours are popular this winter, here are some of the most fashionable ones to incorporate into your look:

  • Bright pink
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Cobalt blue
  • Bright green

Do you like neon colors? Even neon colours are in trend right now. If you’re worried about how to wear neon, try anchoring it with black or navy to tone down the brightness factor.

Also, why not try out some floral patterns during the winter? They’re not only meant for spring and summer! Adding floral pieces to your winter wardrobe can bring a delightful and unique touch to your fashion. You can consider grabbing a floral blazer from online stores like FLORA by Alexandria and pair it with some dark blue jeans or trousers to create a sophisticated and stylish look. Fashion is all about experimenting with colors and stepping out of the box sometimes can be real fun.

Jewellery Is a Great Way to Add Personality

Maybe a whole new wardrobe isn’t needed; instead, you might just need to add some interest and personality to the mix. Jewellery can be a great way to do that as you can choose pieces that fit your style, are a nod to current trends, and help to make your outfits look chic and more put together. You don’t even have to wear a lot of pieces at once, since one statement piece is all it takes. You can get inspiration from sites such as

Break Out the Sequins, Metallic, Shine and Sparkle

The final tip is to embrace all things that create bling. This means sequins, metallic finishes, shine and sparkle. These can be paired with basic pieces during the day or played up for evening and party wear.

All these tips ensure that you’ll be looking and feeling fashionable as you usher in the winter season. There’s no reason why the season can’t act as a fashion moment for you.

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