School holiday activities to help boost your children’s fitness

Sarah Home

We’re halfway through March already, how did that happen? With Easter around the corner, so are the school holidays. Previous studies have indicated that, during the school holidays, the fitness levels of many children actually drop; maybe it’s finally time to switch off the Xbox and head into the great outdoors.

Therefore, what can we do to help boost our children’s fitness during the holidays?

Visit the park

The UK is home to many beautiful parks – and, with greenery, sunshine and blue skies, what’s not to love? Head to the park with your little ones and become a nature detective or make your very own sports day. Whether you’re playing tag or having a simple game of rounders, you will all be staying active and, most importantly, having fun.

Speaking of the park, children aged 4 to 14 participate in weekly timed 2k runs in parks all over the UK on Sunday mornings. Also, on Saturday mornings, children of all ages are welcome for a weekly timed 5k run.

You can use the timings as an incentive for them to beat each week, or make it a competition between siblings. As implied by the Fit People site, studies suggest that 30 minutes of running can improve mood and heart health while reducing stress.

Visit an English Heritage site

If you happen to be an English Heritage member, you can get free entry for up to six children accompanied by an adult; that’s certain to keep the kids quiet for a couple of hours. However, if you’re not an English Heritage member but are still looking to save cash, head to one of the nature sites.

The Dorset and East Devon coasts are serene in their surroundings and will allow you to get some steps in. Marvel at the beauty of the English coast while boosting those fitness levels.

Take them to a boot camp

You could even take them to a boot camp. Residential camps can be great for boosting the confidence of young children while also allowing them to make new friends and enjoy new experiences.

Fitness boot camps such as Prestige Bootcamp are great if you want to keep busy with the kids during the school holidays, and not only will the children’s fitness be boosted – so will yours! Boot camps can be beneficial for numerous reasons, not least because they are fun yet disciplined.

Lessons don’t have to be left at school

Why not get them involved in a new sport, or teach them a valuable life skill. Tennis For Free is a community sports charity that provides free coaching to children around the UK; your little one may be even a future Andy Murray. Though, regardless of their ability, this can be an excellent way to keep them fit while having fun with their friends. Plus, it won’t cost you a penny!

During the summer holidays, children aged 7 to 14 can take part in an open water initiative called Swim Safe. Sessions run in 20 open water locations in England and Wales and are led by ASA-qualified swimming teachers, with fully trained lifeguards in attendance. For the Easter holidays, why not take the kids to the pool so they can get their swimming practice in, ahead of the summer.