Splash Your Way Into This New Park at Californias Great America

Sarah Travel

California does fun for a living, making it the premier destination for families, solo travelers, and vacationers of all types. Everyone wants to see what they’ve invented every year. For 2020, why not plan a trip that’s all about fun. This will be no vacation for museums or historical sites. Oh, no, this visit will be pure fun, the kind you had when you were a kid. Ready to get started?

The Great American Water Park

When was the last time you sloshed down a water-spritzed slide and splashed into a pool of water? Today’s water parks feature splash pads and tame slides. California’s Great America takes fun, not a step but a scream further. You’ll slosh down the steepest slides, and the ones that elicit the loudest screams are the most fun. For 2020, this amazing water park will add several new water slides worth the wait.


Speed is the name of this splashing game.  As you shoot down the slide, you’ll encounter hair-raising turns and a trip down a steep dive. Trust us, you’ll be screaming the whole way down.

Shark Reef Plunge

What’s up with California and their sharks and barracudas? They love drawing a line between the aquatic thrills that are just as fearsome as their namesakes.

Are you feeling like a free-fall today? Get ready for four water slides with high speed plummets through more hair-raising curves and flat spirals that offer the added surprise of dropping the bottom from under you. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Feeding Frenzy

This water ride is the wildest yet. The result of all those barracudas and sharks, maybe. An enclosed slide takes you down through spirals into a spinning, well, frenzy. Take a ride on the wild side.

Amusement Park

Water parks not your thing? Fear not, there are speedy thrills and more fun on the other side of the park. If flying through the air does it for you, then come along with us to check out the planes, swings, and space needle. Coasters, carousels, and rides that fling you backward and forward up to six stories high await any would-be speed demons.

Race cars, bumper cars, and Snoopy rides await the driver in the family. The Pumpkin Patch, The Grizzly, and The Tiki Twirl are all as fun as their names suggest. We bet you won’t be able to stay off them!

What Else To Do

Live shows are fun. Rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, country, dancing of all kinds, and the joyous sound of young voices raised in song moves us, makes us tap our feet, snap our fingers, and sometimes sing along. The open-air theaters offer a chance to eat some of the outstanding foods found in the park and relax a bit.

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