Best Family Friendly Activities in Los Cabos

Sarah Travel

Los Cabos is one of the most popular travel destinations in Mexico. Picture endless stretches of beaches with a range of inland mountains in the background. All-inclusive resorts and some of the most luxurious beachfront homes in Mexico line the coast. Combine this with golf courses, fine dining and spas, and you have the perfect destination. This sounds ideal for the parents, but what about the kids? Don’t worry, Los Cabos has several activities to keep the little ones entertained on any family trip to this exotic Mexican destination.

Where to Stay in Los Cabos?

First, let’s place the holiday destination on the map. Los Cabos is nestled on the Baja Peninsular’s southern tip towards the western extremity of Mexico. The Gulf of California is to the east while the Pacific is west.

Two towns make up Los Cabos: Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, which are 30 kilometres apart. The first attracts younger tourists looking to party and has more of an active and noisy nightlife. The second is where most of the resorts are. Your best bet is to find somewhere to stay in San Jose del Cabo, which is more child-friendly.

Travelling around Cabo San Lucas and San Jose:

Getting around Los Cabos is easy and efficient. Most people who visit the area tend to rent a car giving the flexibility to take a road trip and to get out and explore more of the surrounding area. Public buses connect all parts of Los Cabos and the resort areas and depart every 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can get taxis but make sure they’re from a reputable company and expect the fares to be high.

If you have older children and have the confidence to drive in Mexico, renting a car comes highly recommended. Various rental shops are at the airport and in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. You can take day trips into the desert, visit the nearby towns of Agua Caliente and Puerto Los Cabos or drive along the peninsula. Fuel prices are reasonably low, and driving conditions aren’t as poor as you may think. If you’re a little unsure, rent a car after spending a day or two in Mexico when you’ve had the time to see what the roads are like.

Go Swimming with Dolphins and Whale Watching:

Swimming with dolphins makes a great child-friend activity in Los Cabos for families with kids of all ages. Even teenagers will love the chance to get out to the sea in search of some of the most fascinating marine creatures. There are several tours to choose from, some which take you out and try to spot them, and others where you can swim with and feed the dolphins inside a pool. Ask your children what they prefer to do and research online to find the best package to suits your needs. Seeing the dolphins is one of the must-do things in Los Cabos for families.

And if dolphins aren’t enough and you’re visiting between January and March, you can take a whale watching tour. Grey whales migrate from Alaska in the winter to the tropical waters for mating, which happens to pass along the Baja California Peninsula. Tour groups take visitors on a boat to the prime areas where the whales and claim to have a high success rate. Few people around the world have seen a whale in the wild, and you should take this opportunity to let your kids experience them first hand.

Go to the Beach:

Holidaymakers will find lots of beaches in Los Cabos, but many aren’t suitable for swimming because of strong undercurrents. Dune Beach in Playa El Medano is the most popular place to relax on the sand with sunbeds, umbrellas and plenty of shade. If you walk a little further in either direction, you’ll find more secluded areas. Playa del Amour, or Lover’s Beach, has crystal clear water and is a beautiful spot for a day at the beach and snorkelling. One of the best pieces of advice is to plan at least one day on the beach with your family. You can find lots of restaurants along the coast too.

Other Must-Do Family-Friendly Activities in Los Cabos:

Street festivals take place all the time in Mexico, and Los Cabos is no exception. Some are religious events, and others celebrate national and regional holidays. A typical fiesta extends several blocks and has an abundance of food, live music and a carnival-type of atmosphere. Everyone is welcome, and the kids are sure to have the time of their lives.

Did you know you could join a camel safari in Los Cabos? It’s true, and safaris take tourists through the desert on the back of a camel. Kids will love the experience, and the parents can join in too and then later have a traditional Mexican lunch and everyone’s favourite: tequila tasting. A professional photographer takes pictures, which will make the perfect souvenir. Children over the age of five tend to enjoy this activity the most.

The Perfect Family Trip to Los Cabos:

If you want to take a family holiday to Mexico, Los Cabos makes a perfect destination. The resort areas have everything a family could ask for from beautiful vacations rentals to all-inclusive resorts. Rent a car if you’re confident driving and be sure to see the dolphins, spend some time at the beach and give the kids a unique experience at the camel safari or by going whale watching.