The Incredible Benefits of Children Reading From a Young Age

Sarah Lifestyle

There is no doubt that when children read regularly, this benefits their learning, development and happiness! Getting familiar with reading from a young age, in particular, is so important for little ones getting a head start in life. From developing their literacy and language skills to becoming more confident in the classroom, sitting with your child from a young age and helping them read the words on the page is fantastic for kickstarting so many skills. Here are some of benefits of helping your child read from a young age: 

Helps Develop Their Language and Literacy Skills 

The younger your child begins to read, the quicker they’ll be able to reach a higher reading level and have a better understanding of language! If your child is becoming familiar with sentence structure and understanding written words from a younger age, they’ll be able to get ahead of their peers and be fully prepared for learning when they begin school. The skills gained from regular reading also transpire into everyday communication with loved ones, helping them in everyday situations! 

Boosts Their Confidence 

Sometimes children have the capability of reading, but struggle when they’re in the classroom around peers and doubt their ability to read well! Regular reading at home can really boost this, since the more your child reads, the more they will be able to see how capable they really are! Beginning to read with your child from a young age can give them the confidence boost they need and sense of familiarity with reading a lot earlier on.

They Are Kept Entertained 

There are endless books out in the world for children to enjoy and so many written adventures they can embark on! There’s no limit to the magical worlds they can explore and enjoy, which is why reading is a great way of keeping little ones entertained. Especially in the world of tablets and smartphones, reading with your child from a young age can help them keep reading an important activity in their routine and control their screen time! We all know children can get distracted so easily, so keeping them engaged in a book is a great way to enhance their learning in an entertaining and fun way. Personalized books in particular are great for keeping children entertained, especially since they can spot their own name on the pages! To explore some of the fantastic personalized books out there for children of all ages, click here

They Begin To Understand Emotions 

Reading takes children on so many different adventures, where they may face challenges along the way and interact with other characters. This is a great opportunity for young children to become familiar with others and understand their emotions! For example, seeing how the main character acts in a book when another character is happy or sad, can teach your little one how they should respond when someone in their life feels this way. 

They Are More Likely To Succeed Later in Life

Fascinating research has shown that reading to your child for just 20 minutes a day can have such a big impact on their lifetime earnings! The 90% Reading Goal has shown that children who graduate from high school are likely to increase their lifetime earnings by $500,000, based on adjusted inflation in later years. As well as impacting their development and learning as children, reading from a young age can also help them when they start working and earning! 

With reading being such an important part of children’s education and personal development, the sooner they get familiar with reading, the more they will reap the many benefits of the activity! Why not start making just 20 minutes of reading a fun and exciting part of your daily routine?