Tips for Breaking Up Sibling Fights

Sarah Lifestyle

Siblings can get into fights from time to time.  As a parent, it can be incredibly frustrating to have to break all the arguments up.  Usually, the conflicts are about trivial things, like who’s toy is whose, or who gets what colored plate.  Unfortunately, it’s part of being siblings.

Rather than hope that one day your kids will magically stop, you’re better off accepting it.  Instead of getting upset, try to find ways to help them work together rather than against each other.  If you have two or more children who just can’t seem to get along, take a look at some of the best tips to encourage peace amongst them.

Separate Them

When their fighting gets particularly bad, it can get violent – and even dangerous.  If you’re driving, for example, it could lead to serious injury.  Sometimes the best choice is to separate them altogether until they’re calm.

Putting each sibling in a different part of the room or house will give them each time to cool off and think about their behavior.  The crazy thing about siblings is that despite how much they fight, after being separated, they usually start to miss the other after a while. Give them time to miss each other!

Encourage Team Building

Many parents swear by giving their two children something to bond over, like a problem-solving activity.

If they’ve been particularly feisty with each other, tell them it’s time to solve a puzzle together.  By being forced to work together, they’ll learn a valuable lesson.  

You can even consider going as far as telling them that they’re not allowed to come out of their room until they’ve solved the entire puzzle together without fighting.  This can be an excellent motivation for teamwork!

Stay Calm

When objects are flying, and the claws are out, it can make you want to scream.  However, when you allow yourself to get emotional, you’re only going to add more fuel to the fire.

Try to stay calm and be a good example. Without raising your voice or making threats, tell them calmly that the fighting isn’t acceptable,

Enforce Consequences

Kids need to be taught that inappropriate actions will lead to unappealing consequences.  It’s vital that if they want to be rewarded and avoid punishment, that they treat everyone, including their siblings with respect.

You may consider taking away privileges or rights as collateral for no more fighting.

Hug It Out

Sometimes the best medicine is a good old fashioned hug.  When all else fails, tell your two battling children that it’s time for a hug.  Often the face to face contact can inspire a little bonding, or maybe even a smile.