Tips for Making your Teens’ Prom Safe and Sober

Sarah Health, Lifestyle

Prom is one of the most significant and fun experiences of a teenager’s life, the day comes around so quickly that all the preparation seems to become a blur. The first thing you’re buying a prom dress and next you’re ready to pick up your teen from the after party. Life does go very quickly but ensuring you’ve sorted everything for the big day is essential – especially when it comes to your young one’s big prom day. Prom parties can get out of hand, and this isn’t ideal for anyone with a younger teen, many people want to take alcohol to prom parties and considering the age minimum limit for drinking is 21, you want to make sure they’re not only safe from harm but that they’re sober too. Teens can think that alcohol and drinking are cool which may lead to them secretly wanting it at their prom but it’s ideal to tell them the risks beforehand and use our tips to make sure everything is going how you plan it too.

Set Some Mutual Ground Rules

Work together with your teen and decide on some ground rules, what they may do and what they shouldn’t. Ensuring these ground rules are mutual and understood by both parties will ensure nothing happens that you’re not expecting. Ground rules give your teen a lot of freedom while also keeping your peace of mind knowing they have the right idea behind everything when they do it. Just talking at your teen and telling them what to won’t end in what you may think – it’s essential you treat them with respect and they will reciprocate it.

Talk to Them Honestly

You know they’re not going to be the perfect angel you think they are. Tell them about your experiences of prom and laugh with them. Tell them your honest thoughts and your worries (if you have any!) Teens are a lot more understanding than you may think when you treat them like they’re an adult. Honesty is the best policy – always.

Be Awake When They Come In

It may be 5am but it’s the safest option being awake when they come in, this will mean you can see them to bed and be sure they’re safe existing the uber or car. If you’re an early sleeper, then ask them to call you when they’re on their way home, and you can wake up and be ready to greet them when they return. This also prevents your teen from lying about where they are.

Ensure the After Party is at a Home, not Hotel

Many parents choose to hire a hotel room for their teen’s prom, but this isn’t the safest option. There will be many teenagers around each other unsupervised, and anything could happen. Houses are always the most reliable option when it comes to after parties and if no one else is holding one, perhaps hold one yourself in your home.

Establish a Reasonable Curfew

Teens are unreasonable, and if you’re able to establish a curfew with them, they will most likely stick to it. This sense of trust will build a significant relationship between you both and mean they’re more likely to tell you if they’re in danger or if they’re doing something they shouldn’t be.