Vaping causes less harm to your health than smoking – How much is this true?

Sarah Health

All the recent studies that are being done off late proves that vaping is much better than smoking. Since the Public Health England stated that electronic cigarettes are 95% safe than smoking tobacco cigarettes, these devices have started gaining momentum. The Cancer Research UK has also lend their support to vaping as they are all fighting against smoking and other diseases related to smoking such as cancer. In the year 2016, electronic cigarettes have helped 50 people in a day to quit smoking. Isn’t this a really positive statistic to be proud of?

If you wish to try E-cigarettes by V2 Cigs UK, you need to know whether or not they’re actually less harmful for your health as compared to tobacco cigarettes. Now how are you supposed to decipher whether or not e-cigarettes are actually safer and a healthier alternative than smoking? Read on to get some idea.

Nicotine – Correcting the misconceptions

Whenever people smoke cigarettes, they take in nicotine which is almost a lethal mixture of carbon monoxide and 70 other chemicals which cause cancer. If you had thought that nicotine is the main cancer-causing element in smoking, you were wrong because it causes little or no harm to smoking. The smoke that you inhale is the ultimate culprit and this causes all sorts of diseases like cancer and heart issues and this even leads to death.

There are presently many alternative products which have been invented to help people in quitting smoking like patches, nicotine gums and nicotine lozenges which don’t burn the tobacco but they’re much less harmful. Researchers have found that the chemicals which are found in e-cigarettes are far below the levels that you find in cigarettes. The Royal College of Physicians in the UK also offered evidence that said that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking.

What makes e-cigarettes famous?

Then what is it that makes so many people choose e-cigs over tobacco cigarettes? Where lays the sweet spot? Cigarettes are considered to be the most toxic and addictive nicotine product which has surpassed the popularity and acceptance of all other tobacco replacement therapies like patches or gums. The e-liquids and their flavors are the main reasons behind finding e-cigarettes to be so interesting and one more fact is that they can help smokers quit smoking as well.

Hence, whenever you’re wondering about whether to vape or smoke, you should definitely consider the former as they cause much less harm to your health than the smoke that you inhale from tobacco cigarettes.