Top children’s birthday gift ideas

Sarah Lifestyle

When thinking of what gift to buy your child for their birthday, it can sometimes be hard to come up with different ideas. The danger in the modern age is that you can rely too much on buying technological gifts such as tablets or consoles. Though these can be fine gifts, they are also expensive and complicated when compared to more traditional presents.

If you have a birthday coming up for your child, then here are a few ideas for presents that they are bound to love. All these ideas will give hours of enjoyment and the chance to play in a different way than the more technological presents offer.

Magic Tracks Race Tracks 

This Magic Tracks mega set is a superb gift for your child, and they will have lots of fun racing the cars around the colorful track. Easy to assemble and use, it comes with accessories such as a bridge to add interest and excitement. The track glows in the dark and is flexible to make sure that there are no breakages when in play.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty 

This is one gift that all children are guaranteed to have fun with! The gloopy putty comes in different colors and glows in the dark for extra excitement when evening falls. Kids can stretch, roll, and bounce it into any shape, and it will keep them entertained for hours. Coming in a neat tin for storage when not in use, this will give little hands something to play with and explore!

Pie Face board game 

Board games are still one of the best gifts for children. Though there are many great traditional ones to choose from, Pie Face is one that gives the genre a new twist. Kids love the messy aspect of everyone getting a cream pie in their face, especially when mom or dad are on the receiving end.


Learning to read is an important part of your child’s development. This is not only something that is vital for their future life but also something that is fun to do. Whatever age your child is, there are many books out there to thrill and entertain them. It can also be a good idea to read with them as this will add to their enjoyment and allow you to get involved.


One of the most popular gifts over the years for children is these fabulous building blocks. Kids just love using their imaginations to build not only the set in the instructions but also their own creations at a later stage. Offering hours of endless play, this is a gift that will not only be great for their development but also keep them fully entertained. 

Finding the perfect gift is fun 

When your child’s birthday is coming up, picking out gifts that you know they will love is a fabulous experience. It can be hard to think of new things, but considering more traditional presents rather than the latest tech is really worth it. Not only does it open up new gift ideas that you might not have thought of, but it also gives them something different to enjoy playing with.