Ways To Prepare For And Protect Yourself Before A Divorce

Sarah Lifestyle

There’s no real way to fully prepare yourself for the fallout of a divorce.  The emotional effects are rough, and the tangible effects can be extremely difficult to navigate.  Going through some of the possible bumps in the road ahead of time will better equip you to handle the inevitable struggle.  

Learn a little about what lies ahead, and reduce the shock factor.  Here is a quick overview of a few ways you can better prepare and protect yourself regarding the effects of a divorce.  

Hire an experienced divorce lawyer

The most important aspect to prepare you for the process of divorce is to get an experienced lawyer on retainer.  You want a lawyer who knows what they’re doing and has a long list of accomplishments proving their competency.

A bad divorce can cause some real damage to your life, and a great lawyer will see to it that you don’t get the short end of the stick.  If you have kids, a good family lawyer is a critical tool for the safety of your future.  

Separate your non-marital assets

Preparing to file divorce means that you’re looking for ways to protect yourself from the possible outlash your spouse chooses to inflict.  Start by separating your non-marital assets. This means that everything that is already legally yours should be separated.

Any inheritance items, items you brought to the marriage, proceeds from a personal injury, and gifts that were specifically given to you are all items which are considered non-marital assets.  

Don’t allow your spouse to leave with the kids

If you have an interest in keeping custody of your children during a divorce, you cannot simply allow your spouse to leave with the kids.  It won’t work out well for you in the end.  

Do your best to work out some kind of joint care for your children, so you can show the courts that you have a vested interest in the raising of your kids.  

Start building your own credit history

Depending on the details of your marriage, you may not have much in the way of good credit on your own name.  You don’t want your financial future to be void, so it’s always a good idea to work on building your own credit.  Get a credit card in your name, and keep up the payments for a credit boost.  

Close down all joint accounts

If you know you’re getting a divorce, it’s time to separate your finances.  Close down any joint bank or credit accounts as soon as possible. You don’t want an angry (soon to be ex) spouse to run up a credit card bill in a spiteful shopping spree.