What Goes into First-Rate Rise-and-Recline Chair Delivery?

Sarah Health, Lifestyle

A rise-and-recline chair isn’t your average piece of furniture. That’s why the top suppliers won’t simply unload your new model and then leave you to work things out. Delivery quality might not sound like a big deal, but here are just a few factors that go into making delivery first-class.

Explain How Everything Works

You don’t need to be told how a standard armchair works, but a rise-and-recline chair utilizes different controls and needs to be used in a certain way. Your delivery team will take the time to walk you through its operation, not leaving until they’re certain you understand how the controls work and how best to rise and recline. You’ll find them simple to use, but it’s worth having someone to help you get the hang of things.

Help You Find the Perfect Position

A rise-and-recline chair will adjust as well as move you up and down. While personal preference plays a part in finding the right setting, you should also know how to position yourself to enjoy proper support. After all, a central benefit of buying a rise-and-recline chair is coping with mobility problems. Your delivery team will be able to make sure you can find that perfect position.

Unpack and Clean Up

Rise-and-recline chairs are generally quite a lot heavier than standard armchairs, so it’s nice to have someone there to set yours up and then move it into position. After assembly, they’ll also remove all the packaging.

Remove Your Old Furniture  

Finally, a good delivery team will be able to remove your old furniture as well as bring in your new rise-and-recline chair. Of course, this isn’t always necessary, but most people will be making room for their new chair by getting rid of an old one, and it only makes sense to see that the old is removed just as the new arrives.