What To Do During A Slip And Fall Store Injury

Sarah Health

Slip and fall accidents in restaurants and diners are more than just embarrassing. At times, these falls can lead to severe injuries. Like most other reasons associated with falling, these accidents can be caused due to slippery floors, uneven flooring, crooked surfacing, and numerous other reasons.

It is indeed the responsibility of store owners and managers to keep the place safe to ensure the safety of their customers. It has been noted that most of these store accidents are caused by carelessness. Even if the store managers knew about the conditions, steps weren’t taken to fix the same. But in case you do face such accidents, these are the steps that you must follow.

Call an ambulance

If the injury is severe, do not shy away from calling an ambulance. However, if the injury is small, still get yourself checked by a local doctor. It’s essential to get medical help after accidents like this.

Many a time, the wound or hurt does not pain much initially, however with time it gets pretty bad. Thus it’s crucial to get it nipped in the bud.

Get an incident report made

Though it may be embarrassing for you, after the accident, you have to meet with the store manager and get the incident documented. Demand the store to tell you what caused the fall. Urge them to mention the exact reasons that caused the fall.

Incident bills can be beneficial if you are dealing with the store’s insurance company or if you are trying to get your medical expenses covered. If the incident is not reported, the store will have no record of your fall and injuries, and in a worst-case scenario, they might deny the event altogether.

Document everything possible

After the incident, try to collect names, addresses, email IDs, and other details from the witnesses. Their statement can be crucial if you wish to make a legal case against the store. Additionally, it’s suggested to get pictures clicked of the exact place where the incident occurred, click the photos of the icy patches, stairs, etc.

Pen down your activities before the incident occurred, the manner in which you fell, and all the other details that can make your case strong. Also, make a note of what shoes and clothing you were wearing during the accident and keep them safe. They may contain relevant pieces of evidence.

Getting in touch with an attorney

Once you fell in a store, do not delay in calling an attorney. Most stores, restaurants, and diners have video cameras installed these days, and you need to get a copy of that footage immediately. Once you hire an attorney, he can take care of the proceedings of the case, while you focus on your health.

The documentation, photographs, videos, and other reports can help your attorney make the case strong. Additionally, the lawyer would be fighting your case with the store, while you can deal with your injuries.

In order to live properly, you need to be aware of your rights. So, choose nothing but the best to help you deal with your situation.