What You Need to Know about Local Moving with Kids

Sarah Home

Moving house is a time consuming and exhausting undertaking.

The stakes are even higher when you are moving with kids. So, how do you manage to strike a balance between the rigors of moving and making it the process and overall experience a smooth one for your children?

Here are a few invaluable tips that should help streamline the experience when moving with kids.

Get the kids involved

The surest way to get your kids to buy into the idea of moving house easily is to involve them in the relocation process.

Listen to their concerns and address them appropriately. This will serve to allay any fears they may have and set them at ease.

One way of engaging your kids is to create a moving checklist and assign tasks to each family member. This should get them excited and give them a sense of accomplishment and ownership of the process – not to mention closure as they complete their assigned tasks on the local moving checklist.

Make plans early enough, especially school

A successful move depends on planning early and making contingency plans. Planning at least 12 weeks before moving day is generally advisable. If you have time on your side, use it wisely.

You can start by notifying your kids’ school about your intention to transfer them to a new one, a need arising out of the move. This way, they will get the paperwork ready in advance.

Consider visiting potential schools in the new neighborhood and ideally, involve the kids in the selection. Where this isn’t possible, you can share photos of their new school and other information that might interest them.

Visit the new home or neighborhood

Since you’re moving locally, it wouldn’t hurt to bring the kids along to check out their new home. You can let them choose their rooms as well as involve them in the decoration.

Visit public amenities like libraries, playgrounds and restaurants in the new town prior to the move. This will give them a feel of the new neighborhood while allowing them to discover new places.

Your kids are more likely to fall in love with the new home once they get to know the attractions around that neck of the woods.

Host a goodbye party

Hosting a goodbye party makes the process easier for your kids. They get a chance to say goodbye to their friends, exchange contacts and provide some sense of closure.

Depending on how far you are moving locally, you can also make arrangements for their friends to visit once your family settles in the new home.

Maintain a normal routine

It helps to keep the routine as normal as you can. Keep changes to a practical minimum to avoid making the kids anxious about the move. Pack what is necessary only at the appropriate time. Furniture should be packed last to keep the home normal.

If you have any family traditions like movie nights or Sunday dinners, keep them going before and immediately after moving. This creates a sense of stability and continuity of family traditions, a big deal for children.

Hire a family-centric moving company

There is no shortage of moving companies out there. However, finding a family-oriented one that puts the needs and interests of your family first, more so the kids, can be daunting task.

To help in this, you can check out reviews from previous clients on their experiences about family moving.

Settle for a mover that takes the time to cater to your kids’ needs. Some moving companies will go the extra mile to provide services like daycare and use quite creative ways to engage the kids during moving day. Those are the ones you should be aiming for.