10 Simple Ways Parents Can Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Sarah Home, Lifestyle

With so many people working from home nowadays, there are some major life changes to get used to. It used to be easier to maintain a good work and life balance when you can come home after a hard day. But now, your home is your work, and there’s no escape!

There’s got to be some ways parents can maintain a healthy work-life balance with kids, house chores, and a huge workload on the table. You may find that you suddenly have a lot to deal with, and your life has become overwhelming.

Don’t worry! This list is here to help you. These are top 10 ways parents maintain work-life balance in the new era of working from home.

1. Plan Your Personal Time

No matter how hectic and crazy your life gets, you still need to find a way to put some time aside for self-care. Your personal issues shouldn’t be put on hold just because you have a lot of work on your plate. This is especially important when you’re working from home. Your “you” time is what will keep you sane!

2. Create Your Own Workspace

One of the best ways parents can maintain a healthy work-life balance is by doing just that: balancing. You can still achieve this balance while you work. And a private, quiet workspace will help you do just that.

Try to find a spot at home, or in a quiet cubicle at work, or at your favorite cafe. Make that your workspace and so everywhere else will be a space for leisure and relaxation.

3. Go For A Walk

You need to take a break or two during your day. Nobody should be expected to work all day long. Give your body and mind some time to relax and take a trip outside. A breath of fresh air will do you wonders, especially if you have a lot going on at home (or in your workspace).

4. Plan Fun Meetings with Clients and Coworkers

Working by yourself can get lonely, boring, and monotonous after some time. Your work is part of your life, after all, and you shouldn’t force yourself to do something that makes you miserable. Spice things up every so often by planning a meeting with your collaborators. It will be nice to be social while discussing ideas and team efforts.

If you can, plan an in-person meeting as well. Perhaps you are looking to take your client out to lunch. Or even a quick cafe meetup with your teammates can get you feeling re-energized and excited about work again.

5. Track Your Time Closely

Want to have a good work-life balance? You need to manage your time. Time management is by far the most difficult skill to master when working from home, but you can set yourself up with some tools that will help you along the way. Get into the habit of managing your time and plotting out your schedule accordingly.

6. Find Good Childcare

Are you a work-from-home mum with kids to care for? Talk about a full house! That’s a lot to deal with at once, especially if you are just one person doing it alone. Find a trusted babysitter, nanny, or childcare facility that can help you with your kids. Even if you have a friend or a relative who can take them for just a few hours, it would help you immensely. Trust me!

7. Get Flexible Hours

If possible, you should try to aim for a flexible work schedule. That way, you have both a 9-5 exit strategy and more free time throughout your day to care for your kids or manage other important chores. Plus, you will have room to make adjustments in the event you need to plan a medical appointment in the middle of the day.

Not to mention, a flexible work schedule can help you feel more balanced and more in control of that balance. You need more time to work through your life in a certain way and on a certain schedule that fits you!

8. Plan A Vacation

You deserve some time off. Everybody does! Don’t beat yourself up too hard over your work. You can really reset your mind, body, and soul by going on a vacation. This might be the best thing for your health! Put some time aside to plan a nice vacation that will leave you feeling happy, relaxed, and refreshed.

9. Make A Quiet Space

Aside from your private workspace, you also need a place you can go to that is nice and quiet. This might be the place you decide you want to take a break in or just step into for a few moments during a hectic day.

If you are working from home, make this quiet space a place where you won’t be interrupted by your kids or other household duties. A place that is just yours. At work, you can find a quiet space in a cafeteria, in a corner office, or in a corporate lounge.

10. Ask For Help!

If you are having trouble finding your own ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance, don’t be afraid to reach out! Your fellow coworkers, your employees, and your teammates can give you some advice that might help you along. Ask the trusted folks in your life what they do to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Who knows? They may even provide you with some of the best ways parents can maintain a healthy work-life balance at home! Take this advice to heart, because you will find it to be the thing that helps you hold on to your sanity and happiness at the end of the day.

Get Balanced!

Now that you have seen some ways parents maintain work-life balances successfully, it’s time for you to try these tips out for yourself. It is difficult managing the chaos of everyday life with work, home, and kids to take care of. But by staying in tune with yourself and understanding your limits, you can start to work out a schedule that works best for you.